A year in the life 2016 #233b: the joy of hotel pools

I love a good hotel pool. So often they are empty, especially in hotels dominated by business travellers. Work travel can be busy and demanding, as your attention gets pulled between what you are doing where you are and what is happening back in the office and a swim is a chance to momentarily forget all that, to relax, to exercise, to be in the moment.

And then you get out, get changed, and get on with it.


A year in the life 2016 #201: indoor pool 

One of the big bonuses of the apartment block we are living is the indoor pool. Generally it hasn’t been busy, so we’ve enjoyed the chance to have swims in it warm water.

A year in the life 2016 #139: me and the boys


James headed back to Canberra for the weekend so it was me and the boys. After Sebastian’s hockey game we headed to the market where we had a smoothie stop.


We also went to the pool for a bit of afternoon recreation.


Then it was dinner of mushrooms, brussel sprouts and bacon and home made sausage rolls.

An excellent Saturday.


A year in the life 2016 #114: we all go to the pool

We all headed to the Adelaide Aquatic Centre – mum and I to do aquarobics, the boys to jump in the deep diving pool.

And afterwards, a stop at Perryman’s for delicious pies and sausage rolls.

A year in the life 2016 #27: beach day


We took ourselves out of Adelaide and headed south for a day at the beach. Port Elliot ended up being our destination. The boys were initially a bit disappointed that there was much surf about the place so boogie boarding opportunities were limited, but we then introduced them to the joys of the pontoon. We all swam out to it and there was much diving off and catching balls and generally have a good time in water much deeper than that the  oys would usually swim in. A lovely day in the sun.


A day in the life 2016 #6:cousins in a pool


How much do kids love a pool? Chucking a bunch of cousins in together is a recipe for fun.

2015 weeks #15: holidays! coast! rain!

2015-04-20 13.41.39It wasn’t an auspicious start to a week at the beach – rain and gloom and more rain. But we hoped for the best as we headed to Seven Mile Beach for our holiday.

The weather continued wet so we were pleased that our large cabin was a good spot for games and sitting by the fire.

The rain wasn’t much better the next morning, but we took advantage of a small break in the weather for a walk along the windy, raining beach.

2015-04-21 11.24.24Zac managed to fall in while playing in the shallows.

2015-04-21 11.38.28Jude took to collecting rubbish and was disappointed by how much there was to find.

2015-04-21 11.54.50

The boys tried swimming in the pool in the afternoon, but sadly as its heating was solar only, it wasn’t very warm…

2015-04-21 12.26.33They decided a bubble bath in the spa was rather more enjoyable.

2015-04-21 15.38.17More rain = more game playing opportunities.

2015-04-21 18.40.24We did escape the cabin to head into Kiama for some wonderful Japanese food.

2015-04-22 11.51.38With the weather still against us, we headed into Gerringong for brunch and for some browsing of the local surf shop.

The boys tried out their new wetsuits in the pool.

2015-04-22 17.03.46But Sebastian couldn’t wait to get into the sea, no matter how bleak it was.

We walked along the beach and discovered some of the things that had been washed in by the storm.

The next morning we woke to beautiful sunshine and a lovely day so it was, naturally, back to the beach for lots of boogie boarding.

2015-04-23 13.23.27A walk along the beach let me find the fragments I so love.

2015-04-23 15.52.06Sebastian and I also took advantage of the calm and sunny weather for a kayak…

2015-04-23 16.34.08…and a late afternoon swim in the waves. Despite all the rain and onset of autumn, the water was actually quite lovely.

The people at the surf shop in Gerringong had recommended the new Mexican place in Kiama, and we discovered that it was an excellent recommendation. It came with its own special shelf of hot sauces which got more deadly the higher you went.

Another beautiful day lead to more time on the beach and more discoveries.

2015-04-24 13.18.08We had burgers from the beach takeaway for lunch.

2015-04-24 14.47.10And Zac and I took to the river.

2015-04-24 16.31.59The pool was still a bit cold.

Jude and Sebastian and I went for a sunset walk to explore the rockpools and the strange foam left by the churning seas.

2015-04-24 17.27.06The sunset was truly stunning.

2015-04-24 18.17.56I tried out the excellent Bath gin as it was in an ideal travel size bottle.

Another glorious day, more time on the beach and the boogie boards. I am, still, a complete failure at boogie boarding it must be said.

I am, however, much better at kayaking and Jude and I kept a sharp eye out for pelicans during our paddle together.

2015-04-25 14.42.11It was icecreams in the afternoon.

2015-04-25 14.52.42 HDRAnd then we spotted a snake friend in the tree right next to our verandah. After much rapid internet research, we discovered he was completely harmless, so were happy for him to stay and keep us company.

2015-04-25 16.26.04Then the rain started again and so did the board games.

2015-04-25 18.19.45Nothing like a bit of pizza for dinner though.

Weather was bleak again in the morning, so we took another walk on the bleak beach.

After that, we headed to Berry for some lunch where we discovered interesting shops and strange gin.

2015-04-26 14.53.04-2And then the road trip home.

2015-04-26 18.05.24I was very excited to find my new skates had arrived.

2015-04-26 18.50.15And to drink some gin and soda and tonic syrup.

2015-04-26 21.48.45And George was very happy to welcome us home.