Snapshot: sleeping styles

2013-10-21 22.09.53It is a little bit distrubing to find a child with two blankets over his head and his feet hanging out of the bed, fast asleep. I am not sure I could sleep like that.

A year in the life…day 114: sleeping angels

Almost every night, just before I go to bed, and go and check on the boys. I like to tell myself it is because I am fixing up their blankets and making sure they haven’t fallen out of bed, but, if I am honest, it is really because I like to see how beautiful they look lying in bed all asleep.

Sleep reading

So I went upstairs the other night to check on the boys before I went to bed. I saw this…

…and had just started telling Jude that it was way too late for him to be awake and that he must turn off his light, when I got to see him from a different angle.

He was fast asleep. I was completely correct, it was waaaay too late for him to be awake.


Crashing out on the couch after a big day at childcare. This is pretty much how I wish I could be every day Zac when you put on The Clone Wars.

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After a long busy day….

…it is easy to just fall asleep on the couch

…and hiding in the corner there, Sebastian doesn't look far behind his little brother.

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