Highlights 2018 Week 6: Back to School

Finally the school holidays are over and these three dufuses headed back to school – last year at Turner for Zac, last year at Campbell for Sebastian. New year, new adventures.

And here is a comparison of Zac on his very first day of school.

A year in the life 2016 #248: learning journey 

This year we are down to just one learning journey – Zac’s. Always good to have a chance to see what he is up to at school. His creative writing has lots of creativity and he is still doing well in his maths. He seems to have settled well back into school work at Turner as well as making new friends and renewing old friendships.


A year in the life 2016 #195: back to (Canberra) schools

The boys headed off for their first day back at Canberra schools. I had heard many times about how they only had one week of holidays due to the misalignment of school holidays between SA and the ACT – we told them extra school was good for them. It was also a big day for Jude – his first day og high school! He was pretty relaxed about it all and apparently it all went well. Back into normality.

A year in the life 2016 #128: year 6 debating debut


I went to see my godson Conrad at his debating debut. Given that it was debating that really brought his mother and I together, I thought it was important to go along. His team was up against much more experienced year 7s, and clearly they hadn’t had quite enough coaching because thry really struggled with rebuttal. But Conrad did well as first affirmative – more humour than anyone else so I was proud.

Being at debating was so funny and familiar – it really hasn’t changed much in all the years. After all the years of debating at school (third speaker), I also adjudicated and coached so have spent many hours at debates.

Afterwards Natasha volunteered herself and me to coach the team if they need further assistance, so I may be spending yet more time at school debating.

A year in the life 2016 #123: tie!

2016-05-05 07.57.52With winter term upon us (even if it isn’t cold yet), Sebastian has to wear a tie for the first time in his life. I had to do it for him the first time – and let’s face it, I’m no expert either. He is starting to develop better tie skills now though.

A year in the life 2016 #32: first day of school


First day of school in Adelaide. Jude and Zac were off to Sturt St Community School and Sebastian started at Adelaide High School.

There are some odd things about it as a first day – if we had been in Canberra, Jude would have been starting high school which starts in year 7 there. And because Sebastian is going into year 8, he started high school for the second time.

But everyone got safely to school and the reports from the first day were pretty positive!


Weeks #51: pre Christmas fun and surprises

2014-12-15 07.15.53Started the week with the peaceful scene of Lake Burley Griffin as seen from a bike. Lovely morning for it.

2014-12-15 19.09.512014-12-15 19.10.27Jude and Sebastian got into some cooking for their end-of-year celebrations at school.

2014-12-16 13.08.47Had our fifth and final visit by a Korean delegation for the year. They still give the best gifts.

2014-12-16 15.41.36-1Work was definitely getting into the Christmas spirit.

2014-12-16 21.58.17Went to Capital Carnage training Tuesday night. This was me looking a bit dishevelled afterwards.

2014-12-17 08.21.44Wednesday was a big last day: the last school day for the year, Sebastian’s last day at primary school, Zac’s last day in junior primary and the last time all three of them will be at the same school together.  Sad but exciting – another phase in our lives opens up and new things will happen. They aren’t really my little boys any more.

2014-12-17 20.49.07In Board Game Land this week it was time for some Powergrid – the Korean version which I don’t think I have played before. Was just beaten by James.

2014-12-18 10.33.39Started to see next year taking shape.

2014-12-18 14.45.22Lovely present from some of my staff (with added champagne). I think they know me.

2014-12-19 08.08.34Friday was another lake ride to start the day. Trying to get back into the rhythm of consistent exercise.

Saturday lunch was a pre Christmas celebration with Sarah and Simon and the kids and Jackie and John. Lots of opportunities for baby Isaac cuddles.

2014-12-20 15.33.37Felt rather exhausted Saturday afternoon. Coming to the end of what has been a long and stressful year, I guess it is now surprise if energy stores get depleted. Tried to nap but my brain was too busy with the thinking about all the things that still needed doing before heading to Adelaide, so this pick-me-up had suffice.

2014-12-20 18.42.26Canberra looked spectacular as we walked into town.

We stopped for dinner at the Hamlet – the pop up cluster of food vans in Lonsdale Street.

2014-12-20 20.17.45-1Then we bumped into Sean, Helen and Alice, so there was a compulsory merry-go-round ride.

And then for some fun under the Christmas lights.

2014-12-21 14.51.03On Sunday the boys’ cooking skills were out again as Jude and Zac prepared salads for our pre Christmas friends dinner.

2014-12-21 14.51.17Presents were wrapped.

2014-12-21 14.36.09And then the news of the Ministerial reshuffle came out and the shock news that I was moving Ministers and departments. Not what you want a few days before Christmas.

Anyway, some Christmas fun times were had…

…then I had to head into work for a while. Once I got back, things headed towards this very quickly…

2014-12-21 22.13.58-1And I had a whole different Monday to which to look forward!

Weeks! #6: back to normality

2014-02-03 07.29.31Started the week with a ride down to the lake – beautiful morning for it. Determined to get just a bit fitter which will help no end with the derby.

2014-02-03 09.45.54And here I am, wearing make up for the first time in ages with my hair blow dried – like a proper grown up, back in the office.

On Tuesday it was the boys turn to head back to school. James and I both walked them to school before heading off to our own places of work.

2014-02-04 09.03.51I went for another ride on Thursday morning and saw my first balloons for the year.

2014-02-06 07.01.56Civic meanwhile was busy being set up for the multicultural festival. As much as Meat On A Stick Day is a big Canberra favourite, I am less keen – too many people, not enough space etc. Haven’t been for years.

2014-02-06 12.16.18Going to training more days than not, on Thursday night I took the merby session – the boys came along for a skate too.

2014-02-06 20.41.23And Friday I wore my new zombie socks to DHR training.

2014-02-07 18.29.31Because derby seems to have completely taken over my life at present, Saturday morning started with workng on the sausage sizzle at Bunnings. These are an excellent fundraiser.

2014-02-08 12.01.00The evening got taken up by D&D.

2014-02-08 20.57.29And to finish the week, the boys and I started a new book – Nightbirds on Nantucket because they are a bit addicted to Joan Aiken at the moment.

2014-02-09 20.12.22

The week that was…week 31: back to it

2013-07-22 09.11.43Started the week in Hobart, but didn’t see much more than this from the front of the hotel…

2013-07-22 08.42.41…and this view from my hotel window.

By sunset I was in Melbourne, after meetings in both cities, waiting to head back to Canberra.

2013-07-22 17.29.02Back home to the family and blueberry crumble and games!

2013-07-22 20.22.18It was back to school this week. While sometimes that means driving…

2013-07-23 15.14.11…there was a lot of walking to school that week.

Nice brotherly hugs.

2013-07-24 19.56.15

It was still cold this  week – some frosty mornings greeted us.

2013-07-25 08.09.47 2013-07-25 08.09.57But cold nights can be warmed – and I went to try some warmers at a Plonk congnac, armangnac and calvados tasting at Plonk. Delicious.2013-07-25 18.35.19 2013-07-25 19.21.26I decided to try and drink more tea rather than my much beloev fizzy caffeinated beverages. This seemed an excellent excuse for the purchase of new tea accessories.

2013-07-26 17.42.18

Friday night was dinner at the Elk and Pea for Michelle and Steve’s big announcement – TWINS!

2013-07-26 18.16.38 2013-07-26 18.29.03Don’t the small people look angelic when asleep?

2013-07-27 08.29.59Saturday was back to sport. Sebastian and I engaged in our pre hockey pastry ritual.

2013-07-27 09.23.49 2013-07-27 09.23.53It was then time to head to the pro-refugee rally. Yes, refugees are welcome here, and we should not be sending them to Manus Island.

2013-07-27 12.15.46 2013-07-27 13.00.13

The cockatoos were back in strong numbers.2013-07-27 17.00.51

Saturday evening, was fondue at Dave and Caroline’s. Delicious.

2013-07-27 20.05.52The boys got back to some lego on Sunday.

And I was back at derby, with my new socks from Rachel.

2013-07-28 13.09.52

The week that was….week 6: starting again

2013-02-05 08.58.26So even though it was the beginning of the second month of the year, it felt like the start this week. The boys started back at school wioth various levels of enthusiasm.

2013-02-07 07.35.28I also went for my first two early morning rides for the year. Sebastian decided to come with me, and only slowed me down a little.

2013-02-09 10.33.47It was also the start of cricket, with Jude acquitting himself well at his first game for the year.

february 1In other new starts, we got a new dishwasher and washing machine after half the dishwasher dying last year and the washing machine starting to leak. It was a little sad to say goodbye to the old washing machine which was the first whitegood James and I ever bought together. After 16+ years though, including three babies, it had done well.

2013-02-07 22.20.19

Sebastian and Jude have started an odd new habit of buiklding themselves cubby houses to sleep in, so when I go in at night I am confronted by a pair of skinny legs sticking out from under a mound of blankets. I usually try to ensure there is some air flow into these cubbys.

2013-02-07 12.14.45There was also a chance to catch up with friends amongst the busyness of the weekend, and who can resist a frozen margharita at lunchtime? I am pretty sure it is practically non alcoholic anyway…

2013-02-06 19.47.50There was time for some Ticket to Ride Europe in the evenings.

february 7And the boys came skating on Saturday afternoon. They are all improving all the time.

february 3I wore my new R2D2 socks for training too.

2013-02-09 20.33.42One of our Noons Vintage Port bottles came to an unfortunate end – the hazard of tall-necked bottles. At least we were able to save a couple of glasses.

2013-02-10 10.38.49And we ended the week with a lovely catch up with the Prossers at the park. Happy scone time!

2013-02-10 10.43.262013-02-10 10.58.43