2018 highlights week #28: Bendigo – skates and mines and other things

It was off to Ballarat for a weekend of derby at the Junior Nationals.

The boys were the only CRDL skaters who attended, so they were playing in pot luck teams for the weekend – although they did know a number of the other kids in their teams. Jude and Sebastian played together on a level 4 team that played against VRDL each time – the team improved with each game, but the fact VRDL were a well disciplined team made it very hard to beat them. They did rattle them a little though.

Zac’s level three team won some and lost some against a range of other teams. The boys all played well though and all spent time with the star on their head, as well as managing the pack.

It was a many years since I had been to Bendigo, so we made sure we took our spare time to look around.

It is quite a lovely town – the benefit of all that gold mining money.

We stayed an extra day so we could also see where that money came from with a visit to the Central Deborah mine.

It was really interesting – we went down 8 or so levels, including some that required us to climb down ladders, and learnt about how the mine worked and how to find the veins of gold. We had lunch underground and got to try miners’ cornish pasties – with meat and vegetables at one end and apple at the other. It was lots of fun.

Then it was time to say goodbye and head back to Canberra.

2018 Highlights week #26: 5×5

Here we all are driving to Windsor for 5×5. This year the VDL women’s team has been playing in the B division as the Rogue Scholars, reflecting our loss of players and many new team members.

However, we have been killing it because we got really good faster than we expected.

That good.

2018 Highlights June long weekend: TGSS

Here are Sebastian and I flying Business Class to Adelaide to join James, the Rogue Scholars and most of the Australian derby world for TGSS. Business class? Look, Sebastian had had a crap few days for a range of reasons and I was offered cheap upgrades, so what the heck. But I digress.

It was a busy weekend of derby: one game Saturday, three on Sunday then two on Sunday. It was super rewarding too – we came third in our Division and it was great to see the team perform really well under pressure. Having lost a lot of players, this team brought together some very new, some developing and some experienced players. By the end of TGSS, it was hard to tell the difference.

Also Zeebs got to be zeebs.

And the team got to look super elegant during their warm ups.

And we only lost one game the whole weekend.

We also managed to fit in catching up with the family and with friends and even having food at the Gilbert Street Hotel. So a good Adelaide time all round.

2018 highlights week #21: busy weekend

Saturday was…

road trip in the fog to Sydney for 5×5. We won and I got to eat a cupcake.

Sunday was…

gym then out to the country

to see Zac perform cello.

2018 Highlights Week 15: derby weekend

Pretty much the whole of the weekend was spent at Tuggeranong as I benched the Rogue Rollers for their tournament weekend.

They are a new team combination this year and we were really happy with how things worked over the tournament. We had a couple of big victories, but the game we were most happy with was this one against VRDL’s Notorious VICs where we did much better than expected.

It was also a fun weekend for Sebastian who took on the role of Line Up Manager and really seemed to enjoy it. James meanwhile was reffing, and all three boys played in a junior game on Sunday. So great all round!

All the derbies

Across April-June there was a *lot* of roller derby in my life, even if I didn’t have time to put on skates once.

First there was Sydney and Carnage playing at the MRDA tournament. Terrific fun and the team played really well even if we didn’t manage to win a game. James skated and I was in charge of line ups.

We did have time for ice cream though.

Then it was back to Sydney for 5×5 with the DHRs where we resoundingly beat CCRDU. No photos from the game, but here is our post-game mid-road trip McDonald’s stop.

The boys had a black and white friends and family scrim. On tbis occasion, I only watched.

Then it was up to Gosford for the weekend and the East Coast Invitational. Here is Blocktopussy taking a selfie while using my phone to adjust her bandages mid game so she could get back out there.

This is what I thought of that.

The DHRs did well across the weekend with a couple of wins and a good loss against NSR. And third place for the tournament.

The boys and I then headed up to the Blue Mountains for a game vs the Juniorcorns. They all played, I did line ups and it was a great game with the Prime Sinisters continuing their unbeaten run.

Then there was another DHRS day trip, this time to Hawkesbury for 5×5 and the DHRs taking on Newcastle.

Once again we took the victory – but this time it was a bit closer at the start. 

Now it is July and I have managed to put on my own skates, thpugh it looks like the rest of the month is going to be filled with a whole lot more of everyone else’s derby!

A year in the life 2016 #327: men’s nationals derby weekend

It was kinda of nice but also kinda weird to have the weekend at men’s nationals with no formal responsibilities – just cheering and providing game advice. On Saturday Sebastian came along while Jude caught up with friends and Zac went to the cricket.

Carnage are in a bit of a rebuilding phase this year: with some players gone, newer players are building their game experience.

They did pretty well over the tournament, ending up fifth. A drop of one position – but Brisbane did really well this year and while some of the “Tasmanian” ring ins did make their placing a little dubious, they definitely outplayed us.

As usual I enjoyed watching the men’s games, and it was also nice to catch up with some of our Adelaide derby friends (though we sis beat Light City twice).

And afterwards, good to have a beer.

A year in the life 2016 #320: skater boys

CRDL Juniors got to skate tonight before the CRDL grand final. All the boys did really well and had fun. Nothing like a chance to perform before a bit of a crowd.


A year in the life 2016 #286: Prime Sinisters!

Tonight was a super exciting night because the Prime Sinisters – the CRDL junior team – final got to play as a team for the first  time. I was privileged to get to line up manage for them.

They are a terrific bunch of kids – so positive and supportive of each other and their opposition, respectful of what everyone can contribute , but still competitive and determined to win.

And win they did – beating the Blue Mountains and playing some terrific derby in the process. It was great to see them shine – and have a lot of fun!

A year in the life 2016 #259: bouts and drives

Sunday was spent at the stadium. Sebastian had two games and I watched Capital Carnage play one and then it was time to drive home again with more bad singing and car dancing. Nice to be home to my bed and the rest of the family though.