2015 weeks! #9: Canberra Week

2015-03-09 11.07.33Canberra Day Monday so how better to start the week than to head down to the newest Canberra spot, Westside, for a skate and a coffee?

Tuesday it was back to school with an early start for Zac for Trebles practice and a lake ride for me.

2015-03-10 07.44.14The Telstra Tower is always a dominant feature in the Canberra landscape. Some days, in some light, it does make me feel like I am living in some sort of future city. This was one of those days.

2015-03-10 11.45.01Discovered that the seat outside my boss’ office is an excellent place to hide and contemplate the world while it appears I have purpose. Eventually he came back to his office though.

2015-03-10 13.15.59Tuesday scrim night = hot and exhausted. But lots of fun.

2015-03-11 21.29.23It is starting to get a bit chilly in the mornings and it feels like autumn so suddenly I am starting to feel like drinking tea in the office.

2015-03-12 10.26.37No D&D this week so we took the Firefly for another spin. It really it a fun game (and I won).

2015-03-12 19.40.52Up early Friday morning for another lake ride. I was disappointed – it was too windy for balloons, but there were some kayakers to bring some colour to a grey morning.

2015-03-13 07.21.15Zac’s brothers were off out for dinner and games at a friends house, so Zac got fancy dinner at one of the many wonderful restaurants of Lonsdale Street with his parentals.

Jude was super excited about Pi Day – he’s been teaching himself digits of Pi and has memorised to about 13.

Another Saturday afternoon of some work and junior derby.

And D&D!

2015-03-14 18.31.56