Family & Community Day by Sebastian and Zachary

Bbq 1
Bbq 2
Bbq 3
Bbq 4
Bbq 5
Bbq 7
Bbq 8
Bbq 9
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Bbq 11
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yesterday while for the rest of the country it was officially Melbourne Cup day, here is in Canberra its title was "Family and Community Day". And we had a public holiday, which was lovely.

To make the most of a midweek day off and the arrival of sunshine, it was over to Steve and Shell's for a bbq.

Between them Zachary and Sebastian captured the afternoon in photos.

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Dinner at the Zen: Photos by me…and small boys.

Our first big event of the most recent Adelaide trip with the ritual trip to the Citi Zen for mother's birthday. Here, small boys got to meet their new little cousin Emilie for the first time, to much delgiht (til Zac decided "I don't want this baby).

Adelaide and KI 4Adelaide and KI 9

Other attractions of the restaurant, prior to food, involved visits to see the fish, in both the pond and the tank. Zachary was particularly fascinated by the teeth on the barramundi. "The fishy has sharp teeth!"

Adelaide and KI 11Adelaide and KI 12

There was much eating and drinking and stealing of the camera from Me-Me to enable a whole range of candid shots by budding photographers, Sebastian, Jude and Zachary. Some highlights below.

Adelaide and KI 10Adelaide and KI 15Adelaide and KI 16Adelaide and KI 19Adelaide and KI 20Adelaide and KI 21Adelaide and KI 22

Adelaide and KI 23Adelaide and KI 24Adelaide and KI 27Adelaide and KI 28Adelaide and KI 32Adelaide and KI 33Adelaide and KI 35

At the end of the night, which was possibly not the best choice of timing, Nana decided to try and gather all her grandchildren together for a photo. Herding cats. The expression of Zachary's face reveals that he will soon be  moving into totally uncooperative mode:

…which indeed he did, leaving the others to struggle on and try and get a pose which captured everyone at their best….

Adelaide and KI 40Adelaide and KI 41Adelaide and KI 42Adelaide and KI 43

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Jude and Zac capture the world…and mostly each other

June 1June 2June 3

June 4
June 6
June 9
June 10
June 20
June 21
June 23

Adding to the number of highly unflattering photos there are of me in the world, Jude and Zachary have been taking photos again.

There subjects range widely, but generally return to people. You'll note that in Zac's case, this includes Little People. Other subjects include the leaves in Jude's mystery box he took for Show and Tell on Friday (Jude), Sebastian's light sabre and the breakfast table. Not to mention the consumption of breakfast.

Ah, the wonders of digital photography.

June 26June 27June 32June 44June 34June 42

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Zac photographs his brothers

capturing the essence of Jude

and only a glimpse of Sebastian

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Boys take up photography

Jude decided to take some photos himself last night. They didn't turn out too badly:

Zachary's efforts, on the other hand, were a little more patchy.


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