Beach holiday week

Nothing like a week at the beach to relax and recharge and live the Australian dream. We swapped houses with John and Jackie for a week in Merimbula.

The boys spent time boogie boarding when the surf was appropriate.

I actually gave it a go at the end of the week and was delighted to actually do it effectively for the first time in forever. I guess that means more boogie board tome for me in the future.

We also spent a lot of time at Mitchies Jetty, taking advantage of the calmer waters for swimming and other things.

There was a lot of jumping from the jetty. Here is Sebastian doing some sort of flip.

There was also stand up paddle boarding and kayaking to be done.

Jude and Zac managed to get themselves sunburnt through poor sunscreen application, so Sebastian, James and I went shopping then walked the boardwalk.

We had a visit to Magic Mountain to do the tree climb. I spent the entire time mildly terrified and eventually had yo be rescued when I found an obstacle my brain just would not let me climb. I did regain some dignity by being told I was less terrified than most people they rescued and managed to abseilung down on the first go. There are no photos of this event.

There were a number of other activities undertaken. Jude created a paininting for his Ga.

Sebastian baked a cake, but didn’t quite crack the sponge.

Ribs got eaten.

As did icecreams.

And, of course, there was sleeping in.

It was a lovely break, all in all.

And then it was time to drive home.



For Christmas, Jude received a watercolour set from Jill and Steve. He and Sebastian spent some time today putting it to good use.

Some of the results are very impressive.

New furniture


With all sorts of bonus cash this month from the economic stimulus money, childcare rebate and my extra dosh for doing my boss' job, amongst other things we finally managed to get around to purchasing Zac a real bed and mattress. And we threw in some bookshelves for both him and Jude as well.

Now to paint them.

The boys got into the act on the weekend. Sebastian did a good job of undercoating a bookcase while Zac did a good job of undercoating himself before losing interest and playing with his wheelbarrow instead.

More painting to follow in coming days.

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