A year in the life 2016 #224: Olympics

Definitely watch more television in the Olympic fortnight than at other times. I do enjoy a few random obscure sports. As long as it isn’t the swimming which is a tad on the boring side. We watched a lot of hockey naturally and athletics; i always have a soft spot for show jumping; the BMX is entertainingly weird; love a bit of kayak slalom, and it is hard not to marvel at the skill and strength of the gymnasts. 


A year in the life 2016 #214: appropriate Opening Ceremony timing

I woke up feeling rather sick, so it was actually excellent timing for the Olympics Opening Ceremony. I happily sat on the couch feeling bad, tweeting and enjoying the ritual experience.

May the Gods grant you a happy birthday!

various 2

Jude decided to dare the gods with an ancient Greek themed birthday. Here he is as Perseus, ready to receive his guests.

various 4Naturally, they all went off an fought a mini-Trojan war. It was then time for some Olympics.

For their sporting excellence, all were awarded laurel wreaths, even the disturbing looking Hades when we could stop him saying “arise my harpies.”

It was then time for feasting – slow cooked octopus, calamari, hommous, spanikopita, prawns, lamb skewers, Greek (ish) salad, olives…. it was fit for the gods themselves.

various 21 various 22

As usual, Rachel came through with a most awesome cake – the head of Medusa!

2013-04-06 19.20.07 2013-04-06 19.24.46

There was then the watching of the original “Clash of the Titans” before even the rest had to rest. Of course, the less said about the waking at 5am the next morning, the better.

Happy 9th birthday Jude!

A year in the life…day 212: school visit

Today I went and visited Sebastian and Jude’s classes to show off a range of Olympic paraphenalia I borrowed from Mum and Dad while in Adelaide last week. Nice to have an excuse to visit and talk to their classes. Tried to talk about the importance of participation rather than winning, because I am old fashioned like that. Anyway, was lots of fun – Mum and Dad, the children appreciated it and the boys were very proud!

Boy Olympics: the Adelaide events

While in Adelaide, the small boys decided to take advantage of the athletic coaching prowess available to them to work on their skills. With two coaches of Olympic athletes available to them (including their Poppa) this was a priceless opportunity.


First their was some work on the shot put. Sebastian did quite a good job, despite the heaviness of the shot, and Zachary managed to avoid dropping it on his toes.


Then onto the long jump, where Jude excelled himself and I nearly managed to sprain my ankle. That's what happens when you wait 20 years in between long jump sessions…..

There was also some very basic pole vaulting instruction – I think the more advanced lessons might await slightly more advanced size….

As the visiting expert javelin coach, Debbie provided the boys instruction in this event. Jude decided to emulate a number of Olympic throwers by dramatically falling over as he released the javelin every time. Fortunately for everyone, we weren't using anything pointy.


Then it was time for some enthusiastic sprinting. Zachary didn't care how far behind he was, he still kept going.

After this much excellent athletic performance, there needs to be some kind of reward. So, at the BBQ that evening, a medal ceremony was devised. The boys were completely thrilled to receive real medals. And there were no half measures – there was a medal girl, the crowd sang the national anthem with flag and everything. They boys were very respectful and solemn through that. And the visiting New Zealand dignitary presented the medals….


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Boy Olympics 2: The Pole Vault

The boys tried their skills at the pole vault this morning. The bar was low for Sebastian, but Jude may require a little more coaching….


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Boy Olympics

Sebastian and Jude, inspired by the Olympics, decided to make medals and stage their own Olympics. The first round of events included discus, shot put and javelin, cycling (both long distance and sprint) and running sprints.

Boy olympics9Boy olympics18Boy olympics16Boy olympics20Boy olympics27Boy olympics32Boy olympics33Boy olympics19Boy olympics35Boy olympics37

Even Zac participated in some of the throwing and running events (we didn't let him near a stick throwing though) but preferred to have a swing while the bigger boys did their cycling.

As usual, the high point of the day was the medal ceremony – everyone got a medal for something!

Boy olympics42Boy olympics48Boy olympics46

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