Snapshot: Comfort

2013-11-06 07.00.42Right near my hotel in Seoul was this statue which I walked past a few times before learning the story. Every time I came past it was dressed slightly differently, with flowers and shoes and, on the day it rained all day, a rain jacket. Then I talked to the local staff from the Embassy. From January 1992, every Wednesday women came to protest here, right in front of the Japanese Embassy, seeking reparations and just drawing attention to the fate of “comfort women” during World War II. Many Korean women were used as sex slaves during the occupation, and often sent all over Japanese occupied territory. These women have still not received reparations, and they still protest. I actually saw a small group of them on the Wednesday I was there. So the statue is there in front of the Japanese Embassy as a constant reminder of the fate of these women.

It is hard to think of what these women endured then, and continue to endure, as they still don’t get real justice. But maybe this is a small symbol.