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All right, I just navigated away from this page after having written all this stuff about how busy I am and how my time for blogging has already been eroded and then it disappeared! DUFUS!

Anyway, as I was saying, I may be a bit intermittent with posts for the next three and a half weeks because, on very short notice, I am acting in my boss' job for the duration. And it is a very busy time. we have to establish a new program and get it kicked off and negotiate 11 separate contracts for my 11 Industry Skills Councils and it is all election commitments and therefore highly visible. and all this before Suzi gets back…. So I am taking my lunch each day to ensure I have some! But I am still trying to leave work between 5 and 6pm each night so I can spend some family time at home – it just means that I do a couple of hours of work after the boys have gone to bed when necessary. Of course, that eats into the blogging time….

Today was the first set of Senate Estimates for the portfolio post election. while everyone marvelled at the sight of Kim Carr, the Department's old Estimates foe, sitting next to our Secretary and agreeing with her, it wasn't long before the new players decided to raise their heads. i had Estimates on in my office because I wanted to follow it if they got to vocational education, and besides, who doesn't love a bit of blood sport. Today it would appear that Senator Brett Mason fancied himself as a new John Faulkner, the former king of estimates, but mostly he just sounded like a d*ck. [very unparliamentary Melissa] But honestly, asking about who will pay for the rewiring at schools who receive new federally funded computers or ridiculous scenarios about students trying to access trade training courses at schools which have only received generous funding to provide them with one, but not all, trade training centres, was just horrible and pointless nitpicking with no real or sensible aim or result. And to then try and patronise our Secretary, who was maintaining a sensible and even approach at all times, with stupid comments like "this isn't a very good start" when she had answered his questions as well as any reasonable person could, just reinforced the whole he's-a-tosser thing. I've always admired our Secretary, but watching her keep her compsure while dealing with such a total bozo increased that admiration further. Senator Mason, get off the island.

In news closer to home, James and I went and met Sebastian's teacher on Monday, Emma. She seemed very nice and was able to report that Sebastian is settling in well at school. On friday Sebastian had told us, very matter-of-factly, that "Oscar" was his best friend. I have since identified Oscar, but Emma did say that indeed that were becoming friends. She was also saying that Sebastian was asking lots of questions – while other children were marvelling at the concept of a full stop, Sebastian wanted to know what an exclamation mark was, and an elipse…. She also showed us a picture he had drawn of a man standing at a podium, and next to it had written "kevin Rudd says sorry." He is such an information sponge – we had discussed the apology at home, and they had also watched a small part of it at school, but it is fascinating that he had understood it and that it seemed important enough to him to draw. usually his pictures are of rockets!

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