2018 Highlights Week 5: New work adventures

So over the last few years I have done a lot of travel for work, including a lot of travel overseas. I have stayed in some amazing hotels, flown business class internationally and visited countries as diverse as Timor Leste, Colombia and Korea. This week I went on my first overnight work trip – a road trip to visit the cheese factory at Bega. Some things have changed.

However, the thing that hasn’t changed, is how interesting my work can be. I was there to look at the factory ahead of an audit that will be undertaken by the Chilean government to decide whether they can export cheese there.

It was fascinating to see inside the factory. I love factories. I love to see the way they work, the innovation- I always end up wondering how someone devised the process, came up with the machines. I have such respect for invention.

It was also a great learning exercise for me – understanding what we are interested in when we audit and how we go about it. There is a lot of paperwork involved in the process of exporting dairy foods!

I got to see processed cheese made – and I remain of the view tjat whwn we used to call it “plastic cheese” there was some justice to it!

We stayed in Merimbula and it was nice to have a chance to catch up with Jackie and John. The accommodation wasn’t quite the Santiago Intercontinental, but I did get to see a kangaroo out of my apartment window while I watched the rain. Can’t do that in Santiago!

Family outing

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We all had Friday off. Well, I had one meeting I had to go to, but cannily organised for it to finish by 11am, so I could be picked up and we could head for the hills. First stop, the Cotter.

april 010The boys had fun in the playground, and then we walked up to check out the dam construction.

Such a beautiful day for it as well – lots of sunshine and blue skies.

april 016

From there to Tidbinbilla for a picnic lunch.

april 021 april 020…and some playing in the playground, naturally.

april 022We then went for a walk around the Sanctuary.

It was all very lovely (we’d even seen platypi) until Sebastian got stung by a wasp, and we headed back to the try and find some first aid. The Sanctuary Visitors’ Centre was not staffed, but we had an ice pack in the car, so that had to suffice. And he wasn’t exactly dying.

It was then back to the playground area for afternoon tea.

april 042 april 045We were joined by a couple of kangaroos who hopped on through.

april 053 april 055And once Zachary had estalished himself as king of all he surveyed, it was time to head home.

april 058