2018 Highlights week #22: Jude and Melissa make terrariums

Jude’s birthday present this year was going to a terrarium making class together. It also featured champagne and cupcakes – Jude was keen on the cupcakes and I liked both.

We got taken through the steps of terrarium making them were let loose on our own.

Jude was very happy with his red panda in the forest look.

I went full unicorn fantasy garden.

Lots of fun and a cool take home!


2018 Highlights Week 16: high tea

For Jude’s family birthday celebration this year, he choose high tea at the Hyatt.

So the boys all got dressed up and we were fortunate to be joined by Jasmin.

There was lots to choose from.

And a lot got eaten.

Highlights 2018 Week 6: Back to School

Finally the school holidays are over and these three dufuses headed back to school – last year at Turner for Zac, last year at Campbell for Sebastian. New year, new adventures.

And here is a comparison of Zac on his very first day of school.

2018 Highlights week 3: Busking riches

Jude has decided that he really wants a VR headset. These cost upwards of $1000 and his savings were minimal. So he embarked on three days of around 3 hours of busking – and ended up around $300 richer. So a third of the way there!

A year in the life 2016 #358: holidaze

I went for a ride.

Jude made zombie popsicles.

We all went and saw Rogue One.

Sebastian made churros for dessert.

A year in the life 2016 #335a: Christmas concert

Zac played at his cello teachers’ Christmas concert – very well. His cello playing has really come on this year.

Jude and I went to listen.

A year in the life 2016 #333: hockey supervision

Another Friday night, another chance to watch Jude’s team play indoor hockey. Sadly they got smashed again. On the upside, there has been improvement.