Highlights 2018 Week 6: Back to School

Finally the school holidays are over and these three dufuses headed back to school – last year at Turner for Zac, last year at Campbell for Sebastian. New year, new adventures.

And here is a comparison of Zac on his very first day of school.

A year in the life 2016 #195: back to (Canberra) schools

The boys headed off for their first day back at Canberra schools. I had heard many times about how they only had one week of holidays due to the misalignment of school holidays between SA and the ACT – we told them extra school was good for them. It was also a big day for Jude – his first day og high school! He was pretty relaxed about it all and apparently it all went well. Back into normality.

A year in the life 2016 #32: first day of school


First day of school in Adelaide. Jude and Zac were off to Sturt St Community School and Sebastian started at Adelaide High School.

There are some odd things about it as a first day – if we had been in Canberra, Jude would have been starting high school which starts in year 7 there. And because Sebastian is going into year 8, he started high school for the second time.

But everyone got safely to school and the reports from the first day were pretty positive!


2015 weeks! #5: back to it

2015-02-02 08.20.58Sebastian’s first day at high school! He was very excited and seems to have settled in quite nicely, enjoying the differences between primary and high school.

2015-02-02 08.50.47Here I am dropping him off.

2015-02-03 08.27.53The next day Jude and Zac were back to Turner for another year – Jude his last, and Zac his first on the senior side of the school.

2015-02-03 15.09.05Work continued apace so I had quite a pile to take with me to the hairdresser. End result: work and hair done.

2015-02-03 17.05.38Still not back on skates as my back is healing and with two overseas trips looming I really didn’t want to re aggravate it. But I went along to scrim, to NSO and observe, particularly as i will be line up managing for the DHRs again this year.

2015-02-03 20.55.28Walking to school with the boys again which is always a pleasant way to start the day.

2015-02-04 08.53.13We managed some more Firefly action – the biggest downside of the game though is it takes quite a long time to play, meaning we didn’t quite get to finish it (I was well ahead though).

2015-02-04 20.55.40It was also back to having games with the Andrews – we played some Eldritch Horror this time.

2015-02-05 20.38.59Saturday morning was a lovely opportunity tocelebrate Anne and Glenn’s upcoming nuptials and baby with a park picnic. A “Twitter friend” grouping, it was nice to meet some people for the first time, and catch up with others. I was particularly pleased to finally meet Hanalei and she seemed pretty happy to make Zac’s acquaintance.

It was then off to junior derby training.

2015-02-07 14.51.10Sunday dawned as I rode to the airport in a taxi. Back to my travelling habits, I was off to Malaysia for work.

Snapshots: School starts!

2013-02-05 08.36.51

So back to school today with varying levels of excitement from the boys. Both Jude and Zac have teachers new to the school, so unexpected packages and Sebastian has Cliver who is, apparently, “strict ut fun” by reputation.

Zachary: School boy

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So the day had come – Zachary was starting school. He was pretty relaxed about it all, while I was contemplating the youngest finally being a school boy. Makes me feel old.

But he certainly looked the part.

Once at school, he found some friends, both from preschool at Turner last year, and also from childcare. There were lots of hugs. Liam was less enthusiastic than Zac about first day photos.

Sebastian and Jude don’t start back until tomorrow, but they came along to cheer their brother along.

Then names were read out and it was time to go into the classroom. Zac has Jo as his teacher (Jude approves as she was his maths teacher last year) and has his good friends Sebastian (yes, a different one), Max and Hasshan in his class.

Once they had sat on the mat and said hello to the teacher and settled in a little, it was time for activities. Zac, Max and Sebastian immediately hit the puzzles.

We headed off at that point – Zac was totally unphased that we were leaving. All the childcare and preschool makes for a very easy transition. And when I got home tonight, Zachary’s verdict on the day was “awesome!”

Jude’s first day at school

So Jude was up, dressed, packed and ready to go…and then bounced around the house until James returned from dropping Zac at childcare.

Fortunately, Rachel came by to wish him luck which provided some distraction. Jude did tell her that she had to come by that afternoon to see how his day was.

He made a similar demand of Nana when she rang – our Jude is not backward about demanding attention.

So we were off. Jude spent his first day at school in the green group who were in the same classroom Sebastian had spent last year in. His teacher for the day was Renee. For the first three days or so they break the new Kinders into different groups with different teachers to see how they all interact, and then settle on permanent groups later in the week.

Jude was very keen to partake of the puzzles and books and drawing that were all out when he arrived.

February 11February 12February 8IMGP2518IMGP2519

Given he was quite happy, we sloped off after about half an hour. Unlike another poor parent whose child was attempting to leave as we did…

Jude reported back that he had a good day – he read a book during rest time, he made two friends but can't remember what their names are and went to Afters and performed a concert with his friends while there. He did enjoy it all, is keen to go back again, and went to sleep very quickly once he got into bed!

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