A year in the life 2016 #125: 20 years

2016-05-07 19.20.59Tonight we went out to celebrate twenty years of being together.

We have had lots of adventures together (some of which include space beholders or dragons and others a little more prosaic).; Together we have managed an Honours degree, a Masters and two PhDs, we’ve been promoted, we’ve had things published (him more than me), become famous in Korea (me more than him), tried new sports, had nasty derby injuries and recovered, travelled, tried so many different wines, and enjoyed ourselves. We also have three of the most marvellous children you will ever encounter. Like any couple we’ve had ups and downs, but 20 years on, we still want to spend time with each other more than we do with anyone else. The best thing about a partnership: being able to talk about the things that you care passionately about, speaking in the same language, understanding their reaction before it happens, having the same values to share with you children and being able to forgive each other’s failings. Love you James.

To celebrate, we had cocktails at Thrift Shop and then went to Africola for dinner. A lovely night.

2016-05-07 19.44.19

A year in the life 2016 #124: toes

2016-05-06 11.47.21One of the upsides of time off is that you can do leisurely things like pedicures with your best friend then lunch at the beach. A lovely way to end a week.

A year in the life 2016 #120: hiding out

2016-05-02 17.06.02There isn’t a whole lot of living space in the townhouse we are living in. But the boys have worked out how they can continue to play online games together while Zac is taking up the living area with his cello lessons.

A year in the life 2016 #118: Light City Derby

2016-04-30 19.41.58-4So James played for LCD in an inter-league game for the first time and I got my A on. We got smashed, but it was fun. It is quite different benching for a new league with players you don’t know as well when I am so used to dealing with teams I know inside out. But nothing is better than a challenge!

2016-04-30 16.57.03

a year in the life 2016 #117: at the symphony

2016-04-29 19.48.25Zachary and I went to the Adelaide Town Hall for a performance by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and a cellist. It was his first chance to see cello played live in a concert setting and he was very impressed. So was I.

A year in the life 2016 #116: dumplings with grandparents

2016-04-28 13.19.49We caught up with Nana and Poppa for an enormous and delicious yum cha lunch today. Dad is still recovering from his knee reconstruction, so it was an excuse for him to get out of the house. And who really needs an excuse to eat an enormous pile of delicious dumplings?

A year in the life 2016 #115: castles in the sand

2016-04-27 12.14.27We did a day trip to Horseshoe Bay. Rowan, Emilie and Scarlett came and met us there. The water was very cold so swimming was minimal, but enthusiastic activities soon turned to the construction of sand cities, often to be wiped away by the rising waters.

2016-04-27 14.28.56The fantasy stories of the sand creations were many and varied. Towers were built for James and Rowan. Whole civilisations rose and fell. And everyone stayed entertained for hours.

2016-04-27 14.49.30