All the derbies

Across April-June there was a *lot* of roller derby in my life, even if I didn’t have time to put on skates once.

First there was Sydney and Carnage playing at the MRDA tournament. Terrific fun and the team played really well even if we didn’t manage to win a game. James skated and I was in charge of line ups.

We did have time for ice cream though.

Then it was back to Sydney for 5×5 with the DHRs where we resoundingly beat CCRDU. No photos from the game, but here is our post-game mid-road trip McDonald’s stop.

The boys had a black and white friends and family scrim. On tbis occasion, I only watched.

Then it was up to Gosford for the weekend and the East Coast Invitational. Here is Blocktopussy taking a selfie while using my phone to adjust her bandages mid game so she could get back out there.

This is what I thought of that.

The DHRs did well across the weekend with a couple of wins and a good loss against NSR. And third place for the tournament.

The boys and I then headed up to the Blue Mountains for a game vs the Juniorcorns. They all played, I did line ups and it was a great game with the Prime Sinisters continuing their unbeaten run.

Then there was another DHRS day trip, this time to Hawkesbury for 5×5 and the DHRs taking on Newcastle.

Once again we took the victory – but this time it was a bit closer at the start. 

Now it is July and I have managed to put on my own skates, thpugh it looks like the rest of the month is going to be filled with a whole lot more of everyone else’s derby!


A year in the life 2016 #320: skater boys

CRDL Juniors got to skate tonight before the CRDL grand final. All the boys did really well and had fun. Nothing like a chance to perform before a bit of a crowd.


A year in the life 2016 #286: Prime Sinisters!

Tonight was a super exciting night because the Prime Sinisters – the CRDL junior team – final got to play as a team for the first  time. I was privileged to get to line up manage for them.

They are a terrific bunch of kids – so positive and supportive of each other and their opposition, respectful of what everyone can contribute , but still competitive and determined to win.

And win they did – beating the Blue Mountains and playing some terrific derby in the process. It was great to see them shine – and have a lot of fun!

A year in the life 2016 #160: a day at The Great Southern Slam


There we were with three Leagues to support – LCD, VDL and CRDL. So that meant a lot games and a lot of cheering.

It was great to see how enthusiastic the LCD guys were in supporting the women’s team – a whole cheer squad in fact!


And it was even better to watch the Sabres win their first two games at TGSS. They were so happy!


It was a little weird watching the DHRs and being nowhere near the bench, but it was great to cheer for them as well.


They won one game and lost one – as expected and not a bad record for the first time in Division One.


We also got to see and cheer for CRDL as they one their first pool match. So a pretty successful day all round!


Especially successful for Zac who got an exciting new pair of skates!

2015 weeks! #47: things are getting Christmassy

2015-12-02 11.53.51So with the return from Greece and associated jet lag, my close friend the fizzy caffeinated beverage was a welcome feature of the early part of the week.

It was the Turner Christmas concert on Wednesday – fortunately this year it wasn’t washed out like last year. With Jude and Zachary both performing in separate choirs as well as their year groups, we felt we got our money’s worth.

For our Branch Christmas party we headed to the Arboretum for lunch in the cafe then soccer and lolling about in the gorgeous sunshine.

2015-12-03 20.45.18Some fighting the elder gods is required.

Took Jude and Sebastian to indoor hockey Friday night. Interesting to watch as it has a different rhythm to normal field hockey.

2015-12-05 09.56.49Took Zac to his cricket practice on Saturday morning. I was quite happy to sit in the shade and read my books while they ran around in the sun.

2015-12-05 12.17.02A trip with Jude and Sebastian to the cinema to see Catching Fire Part II. I really liked it and I particularly liked the number and variety of strong female characters. Nothing better than watching three women discussing military tactics while the men look on. I also wonder whether it even passed the reverse Bechdel test – there were very few occasions when men spoke to each other in a conversation that wasn’t about a woman. The boys also really loved it.

2015-12-05 14.47.57The boys treated themselves to ice cream afterwards.

It was then the boys’ derby training. Dividing time between catching up with work and watching them scrim.

2015-12-05 23.29.55Saturday was Dave’s 50th – a fun affair with heaps of champagne and the chance to see a bunch of faces from the past.

2015-12-06 11.26.52Sebastian volunteered to make pancakes for breakfast.

Sunday afternoon saw a scrim between the DHRs and the VCBs – as well as a mixed up black and white scrim. I was not required for line up duties so it was lovely to have a chance to just watch.

2015-12-06 18.43.16Finally I spent some time at a Christmas concert Jude and Zac were playing in organised by their music teacher. On the up side, they got to play in a mini orchestra which was excellent practice for them. On the downside, the surprise part of the event was that it was a Churches group choral event with sermons and everything. I was rather perturbed when they spoke about fighting to ensure that marriage remained between a man and woman – Zac told me after he was “appalled.” You sometimes forget there are people out there who think like that – not so much in the “Christian” spirit I would have thought.

Weeks! #43: grand finals and other distractions

2014-10-20 10.30.53One of my first tasks for the week was to write a reference for one of the people I have been working with from Korea who was applying for a job at a university. Because it was to Koreans, I got to use my name stamp for the first time.

2014-10-21 19.42.40Boys computerating – because we see a fair bit of that.

2014-10-22 17.28.47I went for an extended fifty minute ride on the way home from work – had meant to do it in the morning, but alarm fails meant I hadn’t gotten up in time. It was the reverse of the ride I normally do in the mornings -going in a different direction it is funny how much the perspective and the view changes.

The boys are now regularly walking to school by themselves – and they even have a neighbour from around the corner who joins them from time to time. It is great because it saves us time in the mornings and it is good for their independence. But I do miss the conversations and observations and the gentle start to the day. Anyway, on Thursdays when Jude and Zac head off early to choir, I am still generally walking with them. Good excuse for it once a week anyway.

2014-10-23 13.15.49Happened to be passing and all pink! I no longer get to see my favourite piece of public art in Canberra every day now that we have moved offices to the other side of Civic. But I still love it.

2014-10-23 14.31.39This is the substitute now – the view from my office window. And here is a storm rolling in.

2014-10-23 17.00.15I missed most of the storm action though because we had to head up to Parliament House for Senate Estimates. Which was running horribly late and I ate way too many of these.

2014-10-24 14.09.44The rabbits of Canberra have become very populous and very bold – they don’t every scurry away anymore when you pass them just a metre away. Well, at least we’ll have something to eat come the Zombie Apocalypse.

Stunning Friday night sunset.

Saturday morning Sebastian, Jude and James were at cricket. Zac and I decided to have brunch at Edgar’s.

2014-10-25 15.09.14Saturday afternoon and it was off to the Canberra Roller Derby League grandfinal. James and I donned our men’s world cup t-shirts for the occasion.

Jude and Sebastian skated in a mini bout before the main games started. They both did well but Jude’s team beat Seb’s.

2014-10-25 15.57.07Sebastian got his toe-stops signed by Bambi von Smash’er – she nearly borrowed them for the game.

2014-10-25 16.01.26-1Zac partook of the wound face-painting as is his wont.

The two games were both pretty exciting and in the end the Surly Griffins had the best walls and managed to take out the grand final.

2014-10-25 20.26.58Jude was delighted to meet Bambi after the game – his very favourite player – and have his photo taken with her. Another thing I love about roller derby is how my boys have a number of women who they admire for their sporting prowess and they enjoy watching women play sport. It crosses over to sports like hockey as well – the boys watch the women play as avidly as they watch the men.

Quiet Sunday – there was a lot of reading going on.

Weeks! #38: skating, learning and success

2014-09-15 20.00.01I got myself back on skates this week by venturing to SkateFit. It was fun, even though it did prove that my winter of illness and travel has left me with a little to be desired in the “fit” category.

Learning journey time! First up was Jude – we wrote fast stories together and looked at conductivity.

2014-09-16 10.10.45Then there was me with some rare office time.

Zac showed us all the things in his classroom, including his political critiques. His teacher, David, told me that the day after the budget Zac came in, went to David’s desk and asked “so David, how did the Budget impact you?”

Then Sebastian showed us simple programming along with the rest of his work.

2014-09-17 18.44.41I had cunningly scheduled in the learning journeys before I headed up to Brisbane for a couple of days.

2014-09-17 21.40.38I was staying again at the hotel with the disturbing bears on the bed. They stare.

My two days of my learning group also gave me time to catch up with friends for breakfast and a little bit of alone, contemplative time.

Flying home at sunset.

2014-09-20 10.23.07Zachary got into some lego Saturday.

There was more skating Saturday afternoon with a trip to Skate Nation.

Then it was off to the derbies Saturday night to see the CRDL teams. The ghoulish face painter was there again so Zachary and Alice ended up looking quite disturbing. More disturbing is that guy behind Alice….

2014-09-20 22.16.12After the derby, James and I headed to Molly to meet up with Dave and Caroline and down a cocktail or two.

Sunday morning was fancy Pod Food brunch. Here is Zachary drinking his tea.

We then headed to ANU to have lunch with Sebastian where he was in the middle of the Tournament of the Minds ACT final. A magpie chose to join us as well.

2014-09-21 17.14.11 2014-09-21 17.34.48-1And lo and behold, proving he is just as good with Language Literature as Maths Engineering, his team won and it is off to the national finals. Watching them perform in the afternoon, the Turner team went last. Part of the topic was “heroes” and after the first two schools featuring super heroes, and the third doing something totally random, we were extremely pleased to see Sebastian’s team focus on Nelson Mandela. After that, it was less of a surprise that they won. But very well down to them. Three of the four ACT winners at the primary school level were Turner teams – a big tribute to the teachers at Turner who guide TOMs there.

2014-09-21 17.36.15And so, another beautiful Canberra day, and busy busy week ends.