A year in the life 2016 #85: egg hunts


While the boys may no longer believe in the existence of the Easter Bunny (or Bilby), they do harbour a fervent belief in chocolate. So they were pretty happy to participate in two Easter egg hunts this year. The first, at Natasha’s house netted them vast quantities of chocolate but they had to engage in Easter craft to qualify to participate. In the evening they were out hunted by their cousins who uncovered their allotted quantity of eggs well before the boys. But with so much chocolate, no one could complain.


2015 weeks #16: of games and tights and drinks

2015-04-27 18.35.06It is always fun when you discover your local wine shop has your favourite wine. And then you get to drink it.

2015-04-27 19.05.01Fast becoming a family favourite, we played some more Firefly board game. I love the art work on the money.

2015-04-27 21.27.45Sebastian brought home his school photos. He wasn’t impressed, but I thought they were all right.

2015-04-28 07.52.43Zac and I walking to school together in time for a Trebles practice. He enjoys the singing, I enjoy the en route chats.

2015-04-28 09.25.03

Tights season has definitely arrived.

2015-04-28 13.25.06Getting back into work after a week off requires some caffeinated assistance.

2015-04-28 19.48.27Very excited to try out my new skates. Completely different as they are and with new plates with a slightly different set up for wheel-to-foot position compared to my Antiks, I definitely felt a bit like a baby gazelle – rather awkward. But i got through scrim without falling over too much.

2015-04-29 12.16.22More tights weather, more interesting tights.

2015-04-29 12.32.46Lunch with Anne at Akiba – I find these pork buns impossible to resist.

2015-04-30 20.07.53More games – this time back to the other favourite, Arkham Horror.

2015-04-30 22.20.26Apparently lime and chilli combinations are the thing in high end chocolate this year.

2015-05-01 09.40.54Autumn is looking as beautiful as usual in Canberra this year.

2015-05-01 20.34.19Another rose sort of night.

2015-05-01 21.21.21..but this time accompanied by D&D.

Jude has chosen to play hockey this year instead of AFL, and this was his first game back. He did well and seems to have decided that he really enjoys playing at full back.

The boys were also back rolling about at derby training.

2015-05-02 17.18.04Sunsets are getting earlier and just as lovely.

2015-05-02 18.53.54James was off in Wollongong at a WFTDA Officials Clinic so the boys and I made our own pizzas for dinner.

More hockey Sunday morning with Sebastian’s game – sadly all the way out at Tuggeranong. Sebastian is pleased his good friend Martin is continuing to play hockey with him this year.

And the boys and I took advantage of a quiet Sunday afternoon to go and see Age of Ultron which was enjoyed by all.


The week that was…week 15: more birthdays and boys and other stuff

2013-04-08 08.15.33Jude was very keen to wear his fez and bow tie all week. It was hard to get them off him.

2013-04-08 18.31.01 2013-04-08 20.19.40He certainly kept them on for Korean food with family and friends to celebrate his birthday – and Koko Black afterwards.

2013-04-10 19.56.07 2013-04-10 19.55.25It was a bit of a big week for Jude. Not only did it see the end of his birthday celebrations, but he got a special end-of-term award at the final assembly and also he got best Wicket Keeping award for his cricket club. Apparently the boys are going to specialise behind the wickets.

2013-04-09 19.40.29 2013-04-09 19.40.51Sebastian did some chocolate making this week for the chocolate stall the grade 5s and 6s had to raise funds for some charity. He was talking about ambitions to be a chocolatier in time and was creative in his combinations and additions to the chocolates. Apparently they all sold too.

2013-04-11 18.34.52 2013-04-14 12.30.41Zachary went to choir for the first time this week, and has been inspired to do lots of singing for us since then. He isn’t doing too badly for only one choir session and reads the words to the songs really well.

April 2My hair changed colour again, and got quite a lot redder.

2013-04-12 08.36.20 2013-04-12 08.41.55I got to walk the boys to school a couple of mornings, particularly because James was away one night. As you see, Jude was still wearing his fez.

2013-04-12 22.27.53 2013-04-12 21.57.00Friday night was one for catching up with friends old and new, finishing with cocktails. Walking home after listening to my iPhone and dancing with my own shadow was probably more fun due to the wine + cocktail combination from the rest of the evening.

Saturday the small boys and I headed out to Mongarlowe for Beth’s 30th. It was a beautiful day, and it was lovely to spend the afternoon eating, drinking, chatting and playing badminton. The boys got their faces painted and I caught up with friends and enjoyed possibly the last really nice day of the season.

various 27Even robots have to practice violin.

various 29And hooray for boys who can now amuse themselves. Games are awesome.

A year in the life…day 175: passionfruit


What better way to celebrate the discovery of a new particle than with a new Lindt chocolate discovery? Very nice. And once the physics talk is over, then D&D.

A year in the life…day 155: adventuring supplies


So the one night a week I really get to eat chocolate is D&D night. We had been running low on supplies, so had all stocked uo. And now a surfeit which should last us a few weeks.

Sebastian and the chocolate cakes

When Sebastian learnt that I was making an apple and pear cake for dessert when we were having visitors, he decided to make an alternate dessert for the children. After exploring his recipe books, he ended up at double chocolate cupckaes.

While he hasn’t been cooking puddings for a while, he still knows what he is doing. And the process of aging means there is much more that he is capable of doing himself.

He is also taller, and the stool has been retired when Seb is cooking.

I did provide assistance with the melted chocolate bit, and he struggled a bit with the folding in of final ingredients. Clearly needs to work on the upper-body cooking strength.

The chocolate cakes turned out well. We ran out of time to make the icing for them, but apparently they were delicious accompanied by chocolate ice-cream. All the small people ate two – a sure sign of success.

Iron Chef Chocolate

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This was a much discussed and anticipated Iron Chef – except by James who is no major fan of chocolate. Did it disappoint? Not at all.

We started with Nick and Catherine’s entrees – blue cheese and chocolate truffles (with a centre of quince paste) and devils on horseback with chocolate stuffed prunes. Both dishes did a fine job of mixing the chocolate flavours with more savoury ones. Dark chocolate and blue cheese makes a fine combination, and bacon and chocolate? Was there ever any doubt?

It was then time for the main course which had four main components. The first, prepared by Jasmin, was a Cuban dish – coffee encrusted pork with a white chocolate sauce served with fried plantains, mango chutney and rice. The balance of flavours was wonderful and the sauce much less sweet than one might have imagined.

We also had Andrew’s chicken mole, served with burrito wrappers. This was completely delicious – the chilli and the chocolate blended in a fabulous way to create something extremely tasty, which was enjoyed a lot by both Sebastian and James (the chocolate doubter).

Rachel splashed out on venison and provided us with a venison stew, where the chocolate added to the richness that naturally comes with a gamey meat like venison. Completely appropriate for a cold winter night.

Steve and Shell opted for roast pork injected with ground cocoa beans and rubbed with fennel. Pork and chocolate flavours definitely work together and this was meltingly delicious.

Of course, no chocolate themed meal would be complete without dessert, and this too was multi-pronged affair. Jasmin’s chocolate pavlova with raspberries is an old favourite.

I went for the bitter chocolate tart with meringue topping I have made before – sadly I think it didn’t turn out quite as well as the last time, but still delicious.

Finally Sebastian whipped up his white chocolate and raspberry pudding – one he has made before. Very delicious and a break from the dark chocolate.

Shell’s delicious chocolate and pistachio biscotti was served up with hot chocolates, coffee and chocolate port and chocolate liqueur. And more chocolate. All very delicious, but the kind of rich meal you wouldn’t want to be eating every night!