A year in the life 2016 #186: party party

Here is some laser tag action at Zacky’s birthday party. The adults couldn’t resist and got in on the action in the second round – nothing like shooting up ten year olds.

There was also party food and presents and friends…and, of course, birthday cake.


A year in the life 2016 #183: happy birthday Zac

Zac’s birthday called for family dinner. Because we enjoyed it so much for Sebastian’s birthday, Zac chose to head back to the Cinnamon Club for Indian food.

Delicious food and family, although we missed Nana and Poppa and Sam who were all variously out of the country. Didn’t stop the rest of us having fun though!

A year in the life 2016 #152: Happy Birthday Sebastian!


Dinner out with the extended family was the first part of Sebastian’s set of birthday celebrations.


Time with cousins, presents and lots of Indian food.


And the whole restaurant sang happy birthday at the end!

Two part birthday

2016-04-03 18.42.02For Jude’s birthday he decided this year that he wanted Korean food. So we went to nearby Korean BBQ while Jackie was still in town.

Lots of deliciousness, lots of fun. Jude particularly liked the cook-it-yourself aspect of the evening.

2016-04-07 19.20.36Pretty much since we have moved into the city, Jude has been desperate to get nitrogen icecream. His actual birthday proved to be the special occasion which warranted it, after we had been to hockey training.

The preparation process is quite impressive, with nitrogen gassing off everywhere.

Everyone was happy with the results – especially the birthday boy!

A year in the life 2016 #83: birthday!

2016-03-25 14.24.40When you wake up on your birthday, some time you have to ask yourself “how old am I really? Is it really that old?” The answer, today, was probably, yes.

We don’t really do presents much for the grown ups in this house, except the type made with love and care. I got a beautiful card from Jude and some lovely earrings from Zac. Sebastian went on to bake cupcakes.

2016-03-25 18.09.05It was Good Friday and still sunny and so nothing for it but a bbq in the park with friends and family to celebrate. I may or not have later fallen asleep on the couch. A lovely day.

2015 weeks! #11: birthday, planes and jelly things

2015-03-23 06.58.07A surreal sight to begin the week as I fly out of a foggy Canberra morning to Sydney.

2015-03-23 12.19.17We had a day with folk from Vietnam and the Philippines to kick off our big capacity building program – helping to increase capacity in the area of industry engagement in skills development and the development of occupational standards. It was a great day and I’m looking forward to seeing how the project develops.

2015-03-23 14.45.20We got to do it from my favourite meeting room in Sydney.

The early morning meant I needed the help of fizzy caffeinated beverages and chocolate to maintain my focus for the day though.

2015-03-23 17.29.46We had an official dinner, so stayed the night in Sydney – here is the compulsory hotel window view.

I managed to get some exercise in at the pool up on the 15th floor or so. Great view while swimming.

2015-03-23 18.43.53Then one has to be enormously grateful for flattering hotel bathroom lighting at times.

2015-03-24 12.35.42Home again Tuesday, sitting in the back row of the plane. Since switching departments the travel system still hasn’t connected my frequent flier number to my bookings and so I am ending up in all sorts of odd spots on the planes.

2015-03-24 19.47.44Tuesday night scrim night!

Wednesday was my birthday, so James and I went out for breakfast together to the Cupping Room which is handily close to my new building.

2015-03-25 10.52.59The other James in my life, my friend and EA, had lovely birthday flowers for me when I actually got to work.

2015-03-25 11.23.06I also deployed my excellent new notebook that Jasmin had given me.

2015-03-25 11.27.28Zac used his fabulous new jewellery making skills (with much support and labour from Jackie) to produce an excellent birthday gift for me.

For my birthday dinner we went to Red Chilli the Sichuan hot pot restaurant in Civic and ate hot pot. It was a lot of fun.

2015-03-25 19.47.23We followed it up with dessert at Mr Frugii where the boys had a long chat about icecream flavours with the icecream maker.

2015-03-25 22.44.19

George came and sat on me to say happy birthday.

2015-03-26 18.38.25Natasha sent me a wonderful box full of fun things for my birthday.

2015-03-28 10.29.26And my mother sent me Bad Feminist to my delight.

Andrew gave me a new Arkham Horror expansion so we tried that out Thursday night and actually managed to defeat Shug Nigguroth in a straight up battle.

2015-03-27 06.38.07Friday was another dawn flight in the back row – this time to Melbourne for a day at the airport. Federalism keeps the Tullamarine Parkroyal in business I am sure.

2015-03-27 07.45.44It was actually cold enough to be the first #yourtightsatwork day for the year.

2015-03-27 12.31.46 HDRAnd I wore another birthday present – my lovely earrings from Rachel.

Saturday night was Dishonour Rollers Team Bonding night at Terror’s house. There were jelly shots and jelly beans and derby strategy talks and then the night ended with vast amounts of alcohol being drunk in the pool after midnight.

On Sunday morning, Jude, Zac, Zac’s best friend Sienna and I joined Shelby, Jo and Jo’s grandmother for some Mary Poppins action. It was well done and rather fun. I thought they did a particularly fine job with the staging of “Supercalifragilistic”. We had icecreams had half time and enjoyed it all a lot.

Afterwards the kids and I wandered up to the new LSR Manhattan and had after-show treats.

2015-03-29 16.51.43Went to assist at DHR training in the afternoon (and was very relieved that there were enough people there I didn’t need to get on skates). The way everyone worked, you couldn’t tell there had been excessive alcohol consumption the night before.

2015-03-29 18.32.05I was pleased to have a civilised hair of the dog post training though.

2015-03-29 20.37.56And then there was a lot of eating and World Cup final watching to end the week.

Weeks! #13: birthday week of lots of cake, alcohol and other stuff

So the birthday week kicked off with morning tea at work for birthdays – not just mine but everyone in the branch. Cake!

2014-03-24 18.20.28The boys can take a little bit of motivation to do there homework – and we don’t tend to push hard because much of the research shows there is limited benefit to structured homework when in primary school, but here I managed to get them organised into their tasks. Sebastian has to start getting used to the idea given he will be at high school next year where homework will no doubt impact on his marks etc.

2014-03-25 09.05.57It is getting colder and thus #yourtightsatwork weather, and so, for my birthday, I cracked open a new and exciting pair of stockings.

2014-03-25 14.17.24I also had a lovely visit from Behati, my former EA Krystal’s new baby, wearing the lion outfit I had bought her. She did smile a lot at me, but not at this moment.

2014-03-25 14.19.34More cake! For our directors’ meeting on my birthday they got me cake – gooey delicious chocolate cake too.

At home the cake theme continued as Sebastian and Jude worked together to whip up a birthday cake. Delicious lime and coconut cake – Jude’s go-to recipe.

2014-03-25 18.53.21I also got some flowers from Natasha who is to be relied on to be good like that.

2014-03-25 17.41.49I love my Sons of Anarkitty t-shirt, even if I ended up with a gigantanormous one. Here modelled before pilates at work.

2014-03-26 17.33.00The boys have spent some time re engaged with the Duplo – I think it allows construction on a larger scale. But they have spent many hours hidden away in the play room building and playing.

Another night of Arkham Horror!

2014-03-26 20.29.43We got to pick up the car this week. Of course it was raining but new car! New car smell! It was rather exciting, even if the choice of Territory felt like defeat – such a middle class, grown up car…..

And then Saturday was devoted to the party – party organisation and partying itself. It has been ages since we had a big party, so this was the time. Gin and champagne was the theme, but we made sure there were other drinks for the very strange people who don’t like either of those.

I didn’t take many pictures during the night, too busy having fun, but had to capture this – Sebastian as the young apprentice to Andrew (their after school babysitter for the last couple of years) who was our barman.

2014-03-29 21.27.59

There was plenty of party evidence the next day – and I don’t just mean how seedy I was feeling.

We had to dry off all the un-drunken alcohol.

2014-03-30 12.15.48And the boys then made sailing boats out of beer cartons to sail in the pool full of melted ice.

It has been quite damp recently, so we have had some good fungal growth.

2014-03-30 10.24.05And, as we drove to training, it didn’t look like stopping with the damp. A dramatic end to the week.

2014-03-30 13.50.28