2018 highlights week #30: kim chi

Sebastian and I went along to a workshop on making kim chi. Learnt all the tips and tricks and got to take some home – now to find time to make it ourselves!

2018 highlights week #28: Bendigo – skates and mines and other things

It was off to Ballarat for a weekend of derby at the Junior Nationals.

The boys were the only CRDL skaters who attended, so they were playing in pot luck teams for the weekend – although they did know a number of the other kids in their teams. Jude and Sebastian played together on a level 4 team that played against VRDL each time – the team improved with each game, but the fact VRDL were a well disciplined team made it very hard to beat them. They did rattle them a little though.

Zac’s level three team won some and lost some against a range of other teams. The boys all played well though and all spent time with the star on their head, as well as managing the pack.

It was a many years since I had been to Bendigo, so we made sure we took our spare time to look around.

It is quite a lovely town – the benefit of all that gold mining money.

We stayed an extra day so we could also see where that money came from with a visit to the Central Deborah mine.

It was really interesting – we went down 8 or so levels, including some that required us to climb down ladders, and learnt about how the mine worked and how to find the veins of gold. We had lunch underground and got to try miners’ cornish pasties – with meat and vegetables at one end and apple at the other. It was lots of fun.

Then it was time to say goodbye and head back to Canberra.

2018 highlights week #27: classical open night

Zac’s cello teacher, David Pereira, was the featured artist at Classical Capers – the open mic classical night that happens once a month at Smith’s. So we went along and Zac got to perform as well, both solo and with David. Was lots of fun and great experience for Zac so likely to become a regular thing.

2018 Highlights week #26: 5×5

Here we all are driving to Windsor for 5×5. This year the VDL women’s team has been playing in the B division as the Rogue Scholars, reflecting our loss of players and many new team members.

However, we have been killing it because we got really good faster than we expected.

That good.

Highlights 2018 week #25 continued: vigil

Too many women continue to die violently at the hands of men. Jude and Sebastian and I went to a candlelight vigil to remember this.

2018 Highlights week #22: Jude and Melissa make terrariums

Jude’s birthday present this year was going to a terrarium making class together. It also featured champagne and cupcakes – Jude was keen on the cupcakes and I liked both.

We got taken through the steps of terrarium making them were let loose on our own.

Jude was very happy with his red panda in the forest look.

I went full unicorn fantasy garden.

Lots of fun and a cool take home!

2018 Highlights Week #19: earrings and other gems

Sometime in the process if packing up our house and going to Adelaide and coming back and unpacking our stuff, all my favourite jewellery disappeared. Not sure if it was stolen or lost, and I guess I will never know. Since then I have slowly built up a new collection, but was still feeling that I lacked earrings. Fortunately Zachary can be convinced to whip me up a few – so now I don’t have to feel like I am wearing the same ones every day.