One week down in 2017

This year I am not going to keep myself to a daily or weekly blogging schedule – somethinged life just get away from me. So sometimes it will be daily and sometimes weekly and sometimes less often. If you really want to see an every day perspective check out fralafontaine on instagram.

It was a good first week of the year though – starting as uaual with Jasmin’s birthday celebrations, including seeing Lala Land.

Sebastian baked.

Zac busked.

Mum and Dad visited for a few days and hung out with the boys during the days while James and I worked. We played games, ate out and in, drank wine, exchanged presents and enjoyed being together.

Sebastian and James tried out new cooking methods and we got delicious tempura as a result.

I spent some quality time with George.

And we went to Ikea and tried to infuse dinner with a touch of the Scandinavian.

And there is always time for a sunset walk.

Happy 2017 everyone!



A year in the life #366 (apparent we missed some days through the year): the end of the year

Happy New Year to everyone!

2016 was a very different year for us – building a house, living in Adelaide, a long period of leave for me. Lots of it has been fun and interesting and has given us some new memories and friends and perspectives, but it was lovely to be able to end the year in our new house with most of our boxes unpacked with a few old friends.
Onward to 2017!

A year in the life 2016 #361: dramatic skies

Some spectacular skies on our lazy days.

A year in the life 2016 #360: D&D

Nachos, wine and battles againat demons make for a perfect afternoon and evening. This year we have played less D&D than since James and I met, what with being in Adelaide so long and most of our stuff being in storage. So a long session was ideal – though I definitely ate and drank too much by the end.

A year in the life 2016 #359: George finds a resting spot

Here is George looking his smoochiest. He does rather like having us at home to mooch all over. Lazy days are perfect for cats.

A year in the life 2016 #358: holidaze

I went for a ride.

Jude made zombie popsicles.

We all went and saw Rogue One.

Sebastian made churros for dessert.

A year in the life 2016 #357: doing a lot of nothing

Left over gravlax for breakfast.

G&t in the evening.

A whole lot of lazing about in between.

Doing Boxing Day right.