2018 Highlights Week 11: Cheese, hairnets and other fun things

This week I visited another couple of dairy factories while accompanying Chilean auditors. And I have proof of how good I look in hairnets.

It is an attractive look, isn’t it? We visited the cream cheese line at Tatura and saw mozzarella being made at Stanhope.

Once again, my love of the cleverness of factories was reinforced. Watching The entire production process for mozzarella in the very new and shiny Stanhope factory was fantastic.

We stayed in Shepparton for three nights which was interesting in itself.

And managed to find some kangaroos for the Chilean auditors, so our role as hots was well fulfilled.

2018 Highlight Week 10: gym daze

Had had a good start to the year with the gym and activity – met my activity target each day and had been getting to the gym most morningd. Then, of course, I managed to do something to one of the disks in my lower back. But no fear, my physio told me what I couldn’t do, but encouraged me to do what I could do. And my PT developed a program around the things I could do. So I havemanaged to continue on without missing any targets and with a minimisation of the frustration that these injuries generally create.

2018 Highlights Week 9: feeling old feeling young

Went to see the Lemonheads and Veruca Salt play this week. I think I last saw the Lemonheads over 20 years ago in Japan. It was odd to see them again – Evan didn’t talk to the crowd at all and just played through the set. They still sounded food and played many favourites, but it was a slightly hollow feeling, a slightly displaced performance. It made me feel inexplicably a little sad – did they get any enjoyment from playing, something that back when I first saw them so long ago, before their big two albums, was clearly a passiin. It was hard to tell.

Also Even looked like the homeless dude who cleans your windscreen at the traffic lights.

Veruca Salt, on the other hand, were full of that joyous energy that makes seeing a band fun. They had people up dancing despite being at the not-particularly band friendly Canberra Theatre. I enjoy them – it did make me feel like I was young, rather than reminding me of the abyss of time between now and my youth.

2018 Highlights Week 8: bird crack

One of the trees at the front of pur house is completely loved by the local parrots. Every year there are countless cockatoos in it, crunching and cracking away.

This year I also spotted a gang-gang – the first time I have ever seen one at all.

There have also been corellas, galahs, rosellas and green king parrots.

They leave the driveway looming like this, but I think it is a small price to pay for having such colourful visitors on a regular basis.