Highlights 2018 Week 4: card and knife tricks

Sebastian has taken up card tricks and has been spending hours perfecting them – with a little help from YouTube.

He’s actually started to get quite good at some of them – though there is still a bit of a failure rate. Nonetheless, we are all regularly impressed. Meanwhile, we find packs of cards all over the place.

The twist in the tale came on Saturday when he was helping me cook. Deciding to try and make his own coconut milk after having whipped up some paneer, his hand slide down the knife while removing coconut flesh. So it was off to the hospital. It is important to Snapchat these moments as you see happening above.

Fortunately there was no serious damage done and with a stitch we were done, and back to home and cooking.

A bit of a damper on the card tricks requiring manual dexterity, so he has been practicing the maths bases ones. But he hasn’t given up entirely and has been demonstrating how he can cut the deck with one hand. Can’t keep a good magician down.

2018 Highlights week 3: Busking riches

Jude has decided that he really wants a VR headset. These cost upwards of $1000 and his savings were minimal. So he embarked on three days of around 3 hours of busking – and ended up around $300 richer. So a third of the way there!

Highlights 2018 Week 2: Sea Fall

Our game of the moment is Sea Fall which we started playing just before Christmas. Sea Fall is a “legacy” game – you play it through once over the course of 12-15 individual games, revealing a story as you go. You also do things like write on the board and tear up cards, which can sometimes be hard for keen board gamers to get past the psychological barrier about damaging your game!

We are currently playing two versions – one with Andrew, Steve and JP and the other with the boys. Things do progress differently in the two games, but James and I have to be careful about transferring meta knowledge between the two games. Anyway, lots of fun building colonies, sinking ships, discovering islands and building cities.

Highlights 2018 Week 1: New Year New Job

This week was all about starting my new job. After 12 years working in Education – well, skills really – it was time to make the change to a completely new place. So here I am at Agriculture and Water Resources in the area of export regulation essentially. It is going to be a steep learning curve, and I don’t think I ever imagines I would be working somewhere where I had to clear documents listing how much blood we exported to the US and Canada (about 4000kg per annum, in case you are interested) or know what prawn diseases close fisheries, but here I am. Definitely looking forward to the challenges, have been welcomed by the Secretary and Deputy Secretary warmly and am looking forward to getting to know the team over the coming weeks. And I even got a good pass photo!