A year in the life 2016 #272: Lima, culinary capital 

As I discovered in Lima, Peruvian food is the South American cuisine of choice. And Lima, with its access to the sea, the jungle and the mountains, showcases the best  of this.

My fun for Saturday was, thus, a gourmet tour. We visited the market first and met the seafood.

There was also  a huge variety of fruits, including a range of weird and wonderful ones we got to try. (The one below is a cocoa pod)

There was also corn….

…and, naturally, potatoes. According to our guide, they use over 2000 varieties of potato in Peru.

Another key ingredient of Peruvian cooking, chillies – from the mellow to the screaming hot.

And have you seen a melon this size?

After the markets it was off to the sea and La Rosa Nautica, a lovely restaurant at the end of the jetty, literally out over the sea, where the three of us on the tour got taught how to make pisco sours.

Delicious! The biggest trouble in Australia is accessing the pisco!

I did enjoy trying it.

After that is was time to make some ceviche – Lima’s favourite dish.

Here are the additions to the main ingredients, raw fish, lemon juice and fish stock.  I got taught to assemble it all for eating later.

We went in to lunch in the restaurant – but checked out the rocks nad i got to use the Spaniah word for “crab” which Duolingo had taught me. They were on the rocks under the jetty.

We then had a lovely three course meal watching the surfers in the waves.

Gorgeous first course – my ceviche, octopus and one the interesting potato-that-doesn’t-look-like-potato dishes which Peru specialises in.

Seafood was a strong feature – definitelyan excellent part of food in Lima.

And much dulce de leche dessert to finish off.

A delicious journey through Peruvian food.


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