A year in the life 2016 #269: field trip!

One of my favourite parts of any overseas workshop or visit is when we get to go out into the real world and see how things are done. This week we  were holda workshop on skills in the transport and logistics industry and looking at how occupational standatds developed in Asia might apply in Latin America.

Given that, our industry visits were to warehouses and shipping  firms. I loved the enormous warehouses full of stuff with the various sophisticated ways to track and move and track things.

The questions people  asked were great. So were some the revelations. At the ports, it was blandly pointed out that Peru is the greatest exporter of cocaine in the world and this has to be considered in things like port  security processes.

The other fun part was wearing the appropriate gear.

Slip on metal toes were an excellent new discovery.

Matched the rest of the outfit.

It was a good afternoon of visits – and one of the insights into a country you would never get as a tourist.


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