A year in the life 2016 #266: a long walk around Lima

I decided to go for a long walk around Lima today. Google Trips had a suggested walk so it seemed like a good way to see some of the city. One thing I discovered early is that Lima seems to feature a lot of busts of men all over the place. Apparently when people fall out of favour the busts can be moved to less important parts of the city. 

Across the road from my hotel there was a park which was originally an olive grove, with some of the trees originally planted 400 years ago. It was lovely and full of locals walking their dogs and having family outings.

The first stop on my walk was Huaca Pucllana. Over 1500 years old made of mud adobe it has lasted due to the fact it never rains in Lima and also due to its “bookshelf” design. Lima is an earthquake area and these kind of building, with its space in between each book-shaped brick, allowed for movement when earthquakes hit. According to the guide, on several occasions the rest of Lima had fallen down but the Huaca stayed standing.

There were guinea pigs

And llamas!

 And places where they hel human sacrifices….. A very impressive structure though, even with a rather brutal history. Also, in more recent times it had been covered over and used as a motorcross venue. Thirty years ago they started excavating and exploring it. It is likely to be another 30 years before it is finished.

I had lunch at the lovely restaurant there where i got to try guinea pig! Hopefully not one I had seen earlier in the day.

It was a little bit sinewy and fatty but quite yummy.

It was then off to the park of cats. Just next to the Miraflores town hall, this park was full of cats. Everwhere. Cats. In general they all looked pretty happy and well fed. There were lots of people in the park and many of them were petting or feeding the cats. Not a bad gig for a cat really. 

I then continued on my walk, heading   to the ocean.

The first stop was Larcomar, the shopping mall built into the cliff. Quite a cool location with an amazing view.

Then for the many sights of the cliff-top walk.

More busts!

This is called The Kiss, unsurprisingly.

It was a good spot to see the sea.

I also got to see people attempting to jump off the cliffs. Floating up and over and catching the updrafts is  clearly a popular Liman activity.

The final stop on my clifftop walk was the Miraflores lighthouse.

It took me just under an hour to then walk back to the hotel through the quiet streets. It was a great exploration day, but I was pretty happy for Netflix and room service to reat my tired feet that night.


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