A year in the life 2016 #257: a long day

So I really began the day waiting for the Minister who was giving a speech at the conference. Still didn’t see the beach.

Assistant Minister Andrews came and met Departmental staff  working on our booth at the conference…

Then she met, chatted to, and had her photo taken with a bunch of people .  Then she left. I had another side meeting before I got to head to the airport.

I finally saw the beach- from the sky.

And Sydney as looking mighty fine from the sky.

At home, we headed out to see Sebastian play in his hockey grand final under the rising moon. And they won!

Sebastian and I then headed off to Bateau Bay on a road trip – and I got to transit through Sydney or a second time that day. Originally the plan had been that Sebastian and James would head off – they were both supposed to be playing roller derby. However, with broken ribs, he definitely wasn’t getting on skates, and we figured two four hour drives probably wasn’t ideal either. So Sebastian headed off, stopping at the traditional stopping place and, after singing loudly to some bad music, made it to our hotel at The Entrance just after midnight.

Sebastian was wowed by the motel features and the decor.

I loved the brown towels and the fact we could high five each other while in bed. But mostly I was pleased to see my bed and go to sleep.


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