A year in the life 2016 #238: Charles Melton dinner

A chance to drink a lot of Charlie Melton wines is not to be turned down. And this was an excellent opportunity as we got to drink three of Melton’s best wines at six or so year intervals. All delicious, but you really could taste the difference and those 01 wines are drinking really beautifully right now. 

One really can’t complain about a night on which one gets to drinking many glasses of Nine Popes, but we were a little disappointed in the food, which was a bit same-y and just not very inspiring. Sage seemes to go through these cycles – sometimes it is amazing and sometimes meh. I was particularly disappounted in my kangaroo which I had really trouble even cutting – maybe better knives?

Nonetheless, the wone was amazing and the company excellent, so worth it in the end.


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