A year in the life 2016 #184: music night!

It was the end of term music night at Sturt St Community School and both Jude and Zachary were on the program.

They both performed solos.

Jude sang in the choir.

And they played together in a string ensemble. This was particularly fun – even with only a couple of practices, the ensemble managed a great performance of three fun pieces. Jude and Zac were the only non-violins, so integral.

It was also Jude’s last time to hang out with his Adelaide bestie Imogen as she was off overseas the next day. Fond farewells were said, but we are sure to see Imogen again.

2 Responses to A year in the life 2016 #184: music night!

  1. taoofme says:

    Hi. I hope you can share some feedback about your experience with Sturt street community school. Our family is moving to the cbd and the school is in our zone. Just wanted to see how you found the school — any feedback would be great! It’s been a bit hard to find a lot of feedback 😊

    • Melissa says:

      Hi – we found it a bit mixed. It was great for our younger son but a bit harder for Jude who was in year 7 – mostly because there were so few year 7s. But over all it was a good experience for them – I liked their approach to lots of things and the kitchen garden program was great.

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