A year in the life 2016 #105: go DHRs!


First game of 5×5 for the Dishonour Rollers. Sad that I couldn’t be there, but at least I could watch it at home on the couch with a beer. And hooray, they won!

A year in the life 2016 #104: clouds


Clouds by day…

….and as the sun sets.


A year in the life 2016 #103: big day for Zachary


Today we went to assembly at school to see Zachary get a term award – he’s a certified Terrific Kid apparently. Also got to see Jude sing with his choir so that was a bonus.

Then Zac had his first scrim with Lil Adelaide Rollers – playing with the big kids now!


A year in the life 2016 #102:


I didn’t manage to take a photo today – Sebastian was still home sick but I tried to get back to normal with visits to the gym and market and derby training. Anyway, enjoy the photo of sunset on the road home from Daylesford.

A year in the life 2016 #101: sick day

2016-04-12 14.49.07All the boys managed to get sick after Daylesford – Jude and Sebastian had terrible gastro and Zac a cold. So it was a day on the couches for them, and a quiet day for me.

A year in the life 2016 #100: hanging charcuterie

On our way out of Daylesford and on the road home, we stopped in for coffee and catch up with Tammi and Stuart at Jonai Farms. It was lovely to see them, the changes to the farm since we visited last and to get to see (and then take home) some of their delicious charcuterie. The boys enjoyed their quite lesson in charcuterie production from Tammi, and we really liked the look of those hams!

A year in the life 2016 #99: winners

2016-04-10 15.36.29Here’s Beathoven’s winning team at Nationals. Beat can feel some personal responsibility for the victory as he was their star jammer.