2015 weeks! #51: and then it all ended

2015-12-28 10.05.12(I think I must have miscounted a week somewhere, but there you have it)

Started this last week of the year on the beach at Merimbula with a new book. Perfect.

2015-12-28 11.55.58The boys had the boogie boards out.

2015-12-28 14.06.05James and I went for a sneaky cocktail while buying fish for dinner. This is what holidays are about.

2015-12-28 14.29.37Totally summer with beach curly hair and all.

2015-12-28 15.51.22Some more kite flying, though the wind was a bit swirly for it to be totally successful.

2015-12-28 17.31.41James had a whole set of kitchen hands for dinner preparation.

But Sebastian took on the chef role for dessert…which turned out beautifully.

2015-12-28 20.11.24A gorgeous sunset for our final night at the beach.

2015-12-29 15.25.58Strange car companions.

Then to packing up the house. Sorting through boxes in the shed I found some old treasures.

2015-12-30 17.43.35But there is always time for a g&t. I was trying to finish off some of the gin bottles from the freezer. A hard task.

We finished the year is our usual way, with friends and food and alcohol. An added dimension to our New Year’s Eve fun – writing on the walls of our soon to be demolished house. Happy 2016 everyone.


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