2015 weeks! #49: graduation, pre Christmas and other stuff

Jude was pretty happy in his brand new sneakers walking to school Monday morning. This was our last Monday ever walking together to Turner.

2015-12-14 19.46.36Gratuitous George shot. At this point we were still trying to work out what we were going to do with George during our whole Adelaide-house-being-knocked-down adventure. Fortunately, by the end of the week Helen and Sean had agreed to take him, and he has been living a life of luxury there and even met a new kitten friend.

Tuesday we had dinner with Nick and the boys at their house. Lovely to catch up with everyone.

Wednesday was Jude’s graduation from Turner Primary. Big day – he got his certificate and we ate cake and I can’t believe another one of my children is going to high school (although not yet, because in Adelaide year 7 is still primary school, so he has another semester of primary before he starts at Campbell High in July.)

It was also an occasion for a rare whole family photo.

2015-12-16 11.05.26

James and I had breakfast together at a.baker Thursday morning.

2015-12-17 09.07.43The big Saturday highlight was a pre Christmas get together at Steve and Shell’s – presents, food, drinks and good company.

Sunday we caught up with Helen, Sean and Alice and a visiting Viv. Ice creams for everyone!


One Response to 2015 weeks! #49: graduation, pre Christmas and other stuff

  1. nikoumz says:

    Very nicely put together and written! wow!

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