2015 weeks! #20: it all ends with a birthday

Starting the week the right way – lunch and then coffee with James.

2015-05-26 07.57.48Couldn’t go too long without being on a plane again – this time to Sydney for the morning.

2015-05-27 18.19.04Finally got around to wearing my burgundy coloured fishnets.

Sebastian whipped up some delicious lemon tarts.

2015-05-27 21.24.50George and I watching some TV.

2015-05-28 08.41.35While the trees may be bare, they are livened up by some visiting parrots.

2015-05-28 08.53.10Walked Zac and Jude to school. I do still enjoy the walks to school – lots of time for conversation and ideas.

2015-05-28 11.47.37The week had turned out to be way more busy than we had expected – the Indian Minister for Skills, Minister Rudy, decided to join a delegation with only a couple of days notice. Which meant we had to swing into action and organise a range of skills related activities. Here he is meeting Minister Birmingham and exchanging gifts.

2015-05-28 11.58.54I do get to spend quite a lot of time in Parliament House and enjoy its beauty and utility. Here is the reflecting pool.

2015-05-29 14.26.15Friday it was back to Sydney for a Australia-India Skills Working Group with Minister Rudy.

2015-05-29 16.52.35Managed a post meeting negroni with one of our Minister’s advisers while discussing work before it was back to the airport.

2015-05-30 08.15.26All the plane-time has made it rather easy to rip through another book, despite its many pages. I really enjoyed Tigana – terrific story and very readable. I am a little dubious about the way the women in the book were handled, but that was my one small reservation.

2015-05-30 10.26.34A bright Canberra (nearly) winter morning, so it was time for Jude’s hockey.

We stopped for hot chocolate and cake on the way home.

2015-05-30 11.31.12That day was a special James birthday, so it was out to dinner as a family. It was a lovely evening.

2015-05-30 17.51.27Baked eggs for breakfast the next morning.

2015-05-31 09.59.26And then a rare opening to get to the shops and buy small boys the new shoes they so desperately needed.

2015-05-31 14.10.13To end the week, testing a range of wines and eating fabulous food with friends to celebrate James’ birthday properly.


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