2015 weeks! #5: Malaysia and the weekend

2015-02-09 07.07.37Dawn from my hotel room window. The conference I was in Malaysia to attend was in Putrajaya, an administrative city created essentially ten years or so ago for the public servants when government efficiency was dropping because everyone was stuck in traffic going between meetings.

2015-02-09 11.08.29I was at the East Asia Summit TVET Provider Network conference – I was speaking and/or chairing in every session, including giving the keynote address. And either side of the conference I had to co-chair the governing council meeting. It was a fairly intense two days.

Fortunately the hotel had a pool and dinner wasn’t until 8pm so I got some time to relax.

At the official dinner we got our special table serving of Malaysian food and, because this is Malaysia, there was no wine but some luminous fruit drinks instead.

We were entertained by singing and some Malaysian dancers and, of course, for the audience participation part of the evening I got nominated to dance. I was very tempted to decline because I was feeling a tad exhausted. However, I got up – the things I do for Australia.

2015-02-10 18.45.26I went for a walk to the nearby mall once the conference was over and met a lovely mall cat.

2015-02-11 09.10.14Couldn’t resist capturing a picture of the hotel’s awesome carpet.

2015-02-11 11.01.06The next day was meetings with the Malaysian government and our own High Commission. We started off in Putrajaya.

On the way from Putrajaya into Kuala Lumpur, over driver took us the scenic way and we got to take photos of the pink mosque, the spectacular Department of the Prime Minister and various other things.

The Australian High Commission is literally across the road from the Petronas Towers so we got a chance to see this particularly famous KL landmark.

It had been 25ish years since I had been to KL, so not a surprise that it has changed. It did seem to be a very advanced city – very few motorbikes compared to a lot of other Asian cities and in fact far closer to Seoul than Hanoi when thinking about cities I have visited recently. And a lot of construction still going on.

2015-02-11 12.44.16We had lunch at Bank Negara, the central bank of Malaysia, and talked to them about skills development. I got to have laksa, so did my bit for Malaysian food consumption.

2015-02-12 09.53.38And then it was home again.

2015-02-12 16.15.32I helped Zac with the cooking of cupcakes which was a very long process.

2015-02-12 20.03.09I was impressed at my ability to play a completely new game, Thurn and Taxis, on Thursday night despite very little sleep on the flight home Wednesday night.

2015-02-13 13.09.29 Then into work Friday and my last chance to look at this view because it was moving day.

2015-02-13 13.17.24Fortunately my stuff had been packed for me by the lovely James (my EA).

Friday night, despite threatening clouds, the rain did not disrupt Zac’s cricket match.

2015-02-13 17.35.50I kept up my cricketing duties by going to see Sebastian play Saturday morning. He got out for one and has declared me a jinx and I may not be allowed to attend his games again.

Usual Saturday afternoon watching the boys on skates and catching up with some work.

2015-02-14 15.09.56-1Saturday night we decided Chinese was the go and went to Spicy Ginger for dinner.

2015-02-14 18.46.18After a quiet Sunday, we had the gang over for dinner.

Zac wrote us all poems which was lovely even if some were a touch bleak.

2015-02-15 19.58.50

2015 weeks! #5: back to it

2015-02-02 08.20.58Sebastian’s first day at high school! He was very excited and seems to have settled in quite nicely, enjoying the differences between primary and high school.

2015-02-02 08.50.47Here I am dropping him off.

2015-02-03 08.27.53The next day Jude and Zac were back to Turner for another year – Jude his last, and Zac his first on the senior side of the school.

2015-02-03 15.09.05Work continued apace so I had quite a pile to take with me to the hairdresser. End result: work and hair done.

2015-02-03 17.05.38Still not back on skates as my back is healing and with two overseas trips looming I really didn’t want to re aggravate it. But I went along to scrim, to NSO and observe, particularly as i will be line up managing for the DHRs again this year.

2015-02-03 20.55.28Walking to school with the boys again which is always a pleasant way to start the day.

2015-02-04 08.53.13We managed some more Firefly action – the biggest downside of the game though is it takes quite a long time to play, meaning we didn’t quite get to finish it (I was well ahead though).

2015-02-04 20.55.40It was also back to having games with the Andrews – we played some Eldritch Horror this time.

2015-02-05 20.38.59Saturday morning was a lovely opportunity tocelebrate Anne and Glenn’s upcoming nuptials and baby with a park picnic. A “Twitter friend” grouping, it was nice to meet some people for the first time, and catch up with others. I was particularly pleased to finally meet Hanalei and she seemed pretty happy to make Zac’s acquaintance.

It was then off to junior derby training.

2015-02-07 14.51.10Sunday dawned as I rode to the airport in a taxi. Back to my travelling habits, I was off to Malaysia for work.

2015 weeks! #4: of walks and games

2015-01-26 16.21.59One has to love a week that begins with a public holiday. After taking the boys to see Paper Planes in the morning, Zac and I made the most of the afternoon by going for a leisurely ride. Zac still isn’t super fast on the bike, but his pace suited my healing back.

2015-01-26 18.45.19I was very sad to finish my Dorothy Parker gin, but I guess it just means I have to find the time to visit New York again soon (it is nearly two years!).

2015-01-26 20.29.14It is fun now the boys are all big on the games too – we had some family Munchkin time.

2015-01-27 19.53.41Because I haven’t been able to do any vigorous exercise, I have been tracking how much I have been walking a bit more. With all the work on the Machinery of Government changes, I have spent quite a lot of time walking between Industry House on one side of town and 50 Marcus Clarke Street on the other which has kept up the step count. Some days though the level of exercise has needed a bit of a boost. While James and Sebastian went off to scrim on Tuesday night, Zac and Jude and I went for a very pleasant walk.

2015-01-27 19.54.12Here’s Zac and I together for no particular reason.

2015-01-28 19.49.38On Wednesday night we went to the grand final of the Big Bash at Manuka. Inevitably, it was completely packed. The game was a little slow at times, but the final over of two made up for it. It was a lot of fun.

I am not sure the fireworks afterwards could quite match the excitement of the final over with Brett Lee missing a hat trick on the final ball when the winning run was scored.

2015-01-28 23.01.05Another walk with the boys – this time Jude came up with the winning idea that Mr Frugii was a really awesome destination for a walk.

Friday night Firefly playing. Rachel gave us the game for Christmas and it turns out it is a lot of fun to play.

George is such a sucker for cuddles.

2015-01-30 19.53.54-1I ran out of gin (well, except for the Bombay Amber which I have decided is ideal for negronis but not as good for g&ts) so I took the chance to go Australian. Very nice.

2015-01-31 12.29.49Roller derby started with a bit of excitement for the boys as Jackie Daniels and SmartyPants were in town and took their first training session for the year.

We had to finish our Firefly game Saturday night.

2015-01-31 17.51.44And what better to accompany some misbehavin’ than a Rockford.

2015-01-31 18.45.02Sunday I took the boys to Into the Woods, then it was time to try out the new addition to the Dessert Triangle – Oliver Brown.

2015-02-01 15.03.08Finally, Sunday afternoon provided the opportunity to drop wine on the character sheet – is it a real character sheet before it has wine stains?

2015-02-01 17.46.07