Weeks! #52: work, Christmas and Adelaide

2014-12-22 12.54.10-1My Monday was not the day I expected it to be and it was crazy and long and involved doing three or four people’s jobs while preparing for a new Minister and a new Department. It was nearly 11 hours long without a break and by the end I was exhausted but had to come home and pack. And I didn’t quite manage to finish my Christmas shopping.

2014-12-23 07.34.17Despite it all, it was still Adelaide road trip day on Tuesday.

Lunch in Hay and the long and not winding road. However, we got the drive over in good time.

2014-12-24 11.02.56

Here I am facing last minute Christmas shopping on Christmas eve. James and I left the boys home and got it done with all the efficiency we could muster.

2014-12-24 16.50.55The boys were pretty happy to hang out at Lucy’s and give the pool a trial.

Christmas eve dinner was with Sam and Tracy, followed by gelato!

Christmas Day: there were presents, prawns, cooking, Dad falling asleep and of course mother’s summer pudding. It was a good day.

For Boxing Day we headed to the Henley Beach to catch up with Natasha and family. Another lovely day.

The fun didn’t stop there – it was in the pool again when we got back to Lucy’s.

My hair suffered from a bit too much sea wind.

2014-12-26 20.58.08Emilie and Zac bonded a lot during this visit. Here is Zac reading bedtime stories.

2014-12-26 20.58.48

We wandered into town for some shopping and after several days of Christmas food and BBQ had noodles for lunch.

2014-12-27 13.14.21After lunch it was off to Hazelwood Park to catch up with friends and drink champagne under the trees.


Out for Mexican for dinner. These two are troublemakers.


2014-12-27 18.58.20

Spent some time Sunday helping the cousins with lego construction…

2014-12-28 14.26.59…practising some cricket with uncle Sam and more swimming.

It was then off to CitiZen for dinner.

Once home, time for some fun with sparklers and glow sticks.


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