365feministselfies 2014

At the beginning of 2014 I saw a challenge – to use selfies to show life as a feminist. I didn’t take a huge number of selfies before, some, but not a lot. Selfies are often derided as narcissistic but hey, people have been having their photos taken for as long as there have been photos – and before that it was portraiture for those who could afford it. Digital technology and camera phones have just made it easier and cheaper to record so much of our lives. I knew I was never going to manage to take a selfie every day, and then there were also days when I took several. Some are flattering, some are not. Looking back over them they capture the things that have been important in my life in the last 12 months – my family, derby, work, travel, friends and family and their babies – even sometimes when you don’t see the people, they are there in the event I am dressed up for or at. As those of you who follow this blog (or any of my other online presences) know, this hasn’t always been an easy year. Some of the bad times are reflected in here, although this captures more of the fun moments, and a lot of the mundane ones. A lot of these pictures have stories behind them – some very complex, some more simple – and some of them just capture a moment in time, or a moment of boredom. A lot of the stories to the pictures have been told elsewhere on the blog, or on Instagram or Facebook.

Enjoy the pictorial story of the year – I’m happy to fill in the gaps – but you can see that this is the year of one feminist. There are many others, we all live different lives, but we believe similar things about how society needs to change.



2 Responses to 365feministselfies 2014

  1. amanda says:

    I liked seeing these on instagram over the year – your tights at work, your lipstick, your reading with the boys, your derby, you’re awesome!

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