Weeks! #22: day trips and seasons change

2014-05-26 17.22.48 Started the week leaving work after dark…but it is dark reasonably early at the moment.


Autumn was nearly concluded, but the leaves said otherwise.

At work, one of the EAs was leaving, and a whole band was organised. I am pretty sure it was an excuse for her boss to get his guitar out.

Jude and Sebastian had a day trip to Taronga Zoo, so it was up well before the crack of dawn to get them on the bus and off to Sydney.

2014-05-29 06.45.55

Early mornings such as this require a bacon sandwich.

2014-05-29 11.35.46Here is a Jude self-portrait from the trip – hello Mr Giraffe!

2014-05-29 19.34.49James and I got comprehensively beaten by Zac at Carcassonne while waiting for the bus to return with the other two.

2014-05-29 19.56.32

A nice balm on a (nearly) winter’s night.

Walking the boys to school again.

On Saturday Sebastian, James and I did another day trip to Sydney, this time for the 5×5 game versus WIRD.  We met most of the team,  coincidentally, at the McDonalds en route. James was reffing in a couple of games, so we were there for the duration. Always fun to watch more derby. And I got my Saturday sausage – for both lunch and dinner!

Of course, by the time we got home, it was rather late.

2014-05-31 23.19.04Jude and Zachary had stayed at Jackie’s house, so we went over to collect the boys Sunday morning. James got the most wonderful birthday cake from his mother.

While James took Sebastian to hockey, Jude, Zac and I went to yum cha to say goodbye to Anna and David who were off to Brazil on their indefinite adventure. Hooray for dumplings!

2014-06-01 11.52.04The boys also fell in love with these “camo puffy jackets” and insisted on buying them with their own money. Probably a good purchase given how cold and wet it was.

2014-06-01 12.58.51

Jude also bought himself a loom band kit, and went to it while we were at derby training.

2014-06-01 13.44.12


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