5×5 Round Three: DHRs vs WIRD

2014-05-31 12.32.26

It was up to North Ryde for our second 5×5 game, this time versus Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby‘s Steel City Derby Dolls. We knew it would be a tough game, but we had a really strong team with us, so we were hoping to make a good game of it. And we did that, regularly getting lead jammer from early in the game. Disappointingly, after a couple of strong jams, Diazaslam got an elbow to the face which left her bleeding – not that it stopped her jamming magnificently before she came off and had to be attended by the first aid folk. She was then off for the rest of the first half and came back on to block in the second. In her first game back, GoreJess showed her jamming is still something to be reckoned with, and we had the usual strong performances from Lasseration, Blocktopussy and Reapercussions – perhaps too strong from Blockto who fouled out just before the end of the game.

2014-05-31 12.59.53Strong play from both teams meant the game was tight all the way. At half time the DHRs were up 79-58, but WIRD tenaciously clawed the lead back over the second half. While the DHRs had managed to mostly shut down iKandy who, as one of WIRD’s outstanding jammers we were worried about coming into the game, Kitty Killher had a terrific game and we often found ourselves in her wake. The DHRs started to try and run down the clock in the last six minutes or so, but WIRD slowly crept up and at the end of the final jam we had a tie – 157-157. It was then all down to an overtime jam which runs for the full two minutes. Reaper was neck and neck, but got called for a cut and in the end WIRD took the game 165-161. So exciting!

Despite the last minute lost, the team could be extremely proud of themselves – they played fantastic team derby against and opponent we thought we had little chance of beating. There really were no weak links in the team and, best of all, everyone had a lot of fun!



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