Cinderoller: Sophomores vs Murderous Crows

2014-05-03 16.11.32It was Demo’s birthday and her first run as Line Up Manager so cake!

It was my second game, and rather than being the newest, least experienced player on the team, I was definitely in the middle. We have been growing as a League and nearly have the numbers for a full independent second team, so we decided to trial the idea and give some newer players a go, with a few cross overs from the usual DHR team. We knew that Wagga had lost a couple of their experienced players, and given that we had beaten them reasonably well last year with the DHR line-up, we thought it would be a good match for the newly christened Sophomores.

Because I was playing I didn’t take any photos, however you can see the whole game here.  And I have borrowed a couple of photos here from David Mackie and Steven Craddock.wagga game cinderroller team

It was a really fun game. Lasseration again showed what a dominating player she is, while Cherry did some awesome jamming and Jo Dirt really rose to the occasion with a magnificent debut. In the end the score was Sophomores 326 to Wagga’s Murderous Crows 85. We think the Sophomores have a strong future ahead of them!



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