Weeks! #10: feasts, friends, games and Nine Inch Nails

2014-03-03 07.18.11Another Monday, another ride, another balloon.

This week got off to a lovely start though as I went and saw Natasha formally welcomed into the role of Ambassador for Women and Girls. It was lovely to catch up with Shirley and even better to have some time to hang out with Nat. Our schedules being what they were in the second half of last year it has been absolutely ages since we had spent time together. And Best Friend Time is excellent time.

The excellent nature of Monday continued when I got home. A dumpling feast awaited. Paul and his partner Chun-Ling came over in the afternoon and Chun-Ling taught the boys to make dumplings. With many hands, many many dumplings were made. They were most delicious.

2014-03-04 07.23.00Another morning ride – the compulsory balloon peeking out.

Still managing to walk the boys to school some days. It is always a good chance to chat and enjoy the mornings together.

2014-03-05 13.41.28Had to get my new Drivers Licence and by some miracle the photo didn’t make me look like a criminal. Licence birthday coming soon.

Played some Study in Emerald, got an evening of baby cuddles into the bargain.

So Thursday I escaped from work early and jumped in the car with James and Andrew R and we headed to Sydney. Chinese food in China town in close proximity to the Entertainment Centre where we were to see Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age. Nine Inch Nails went first and were everything one would expect – wall of noise, back lit, lots of smoke machine and a slightly pretentious avoidance of playing their biggest hit ever. But very very good with it. Queens of the Stone Age came next – also very enjoyable and very much what you would expect also. We did sneak out a couple of songs before the end – we had the drive back and wanted to make sure we weren’t trapped in the Entertainment Centre car park for two long. As it was, we made pretty good time and were in bed by 2.30am, though that is still pretty late when you are as old as me with life as busy as it has been.


2014-03-07 17.31.14I did think I deserved a second fizzy caffeinated beverage before Friday DHR training given the late night.

2014-03-07 18.32.44Saturday it was old friends and an afternoon playing Junta.

2014-03-08 14.49.03We then tried out Papa Rich for dinner – cheap and enormous serves.

It was the last night of Enlighten, so we decided to head to the parliamentary triangle, despite threats of rain. I will post separately, but here are the boys and me.

Saturday started with a visit to the park to help celebrate Alice’s birthday. The new playground at John Knight Memorial Park proved popular, as did the cake.

And then after derby training, and a busy week all round, it was nice to relax in the pjs.

2014-03-09 21.10.41



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