Snowbite: Dishonour Rollers vs Free Sisters

So this was my first game as an actual player. It does change you perspective somewhat! And certainly less time for taking photos. The first few jams were a total blur but then I got into my groove a little more and certainly felt like I made a contribution. The worst part of the game – falling onto my skate in the straight right in front of the crowd. Incredibly painful and then hard as I limped to catch up with the pack (probably should have just stayed down as they had lead jammer!). Fun bits – holding the jammer up for most of the straight. I was extremely impressed by the jamming of iKandy who the Free Sisters had borrowed from WIRD. And Blue Mountains are always fun and challenging to play. It was an exciting game though with lots of lead changes. With about five minutes left I was resigned to losing – and then we were talking about our strategy for the next jam and Reaper said “just get a power jam” and somehow, we did! We then managed to pull ahead and stay ahead and ended up winning 202-173. There is a more coherent report on the game with photos here. Below are a couple of photos of me in action – borrowed from Sonia Quinn and David Mackie.

action shot derby team


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