The week that was…week 38: Manila and back again

2013-09-09 12.07.33In Manila, when asked if you like “exotic foods”, be warned, you might end up with crickets on your plate. Also frogs and oxtail and a fish that looked like this…

2013-09-09 12.13.03I was being taken out to lunch by the good people of TESDA who manage vocational education and training. The food was pretty good though – even the crickets. I spent a very positive day with TESDA and including getting to visit their women’s education centre where women are trained in a range of occupations, with a focus on non-traditional women’s roles.

I also got to see a little more of Manila before I went to the airport as they drove me around a bit and I visited the oldest stone church in the Philippines.

And then it was an overnight flight home.

2013-09-11 14.53.07On Wednesday, Zac got an award at assembly and sand in the choir and I managed to get there to see it. He was very proud.

And Thursday, he and I walked to school in time for choir, as is our want.

2013-09-12 08.12.28We couldn’t be bothered cooking on Thursday, so we went to Meze with the boys for dinner. Nice to have some family time.

All this international activity seems to be putting me on the embassy-circuit – I got invitations to both the Indonesian and Korean national day events this week. Sadly I can’t make either due to travel and holidays.

2013-09-13 13.53.52It was very exciting to receive Hit And Miss on Friday in the mail and see the article on our game. And all the other photos of VDL players through the magazine.

2013-09-13 21.58.43

Saturday was James’ grass hockey grand final, so we went to watch. After watching u11 hockey all season, they really seemed to hit the ball very hard! Fortunately, James’s team won in something of a nail biter towards the finish.

2013-09-14 13.10.03I was very sad to find there was no tonic to be had at Woolworths. Well nothing decent (and no, I don’t drink diet tonic).

2013-09-14 14.48.43Jude decided to go with rather a creative hair style.

2013-09-14 19.48.42George continues being George.

2013-09-15 11.25.52And Zacky got in some quality lego time.

2013-09-15 11.26.47


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