The week that was…week 36: spring creeps closer

2013-08-27 06.27.50The days are already getting longer and it means seeing the twilight rather more. A beautiful week for it too.

2013-08-30 17.56.34

2013-08-27 17.51.53That was the best I could do to capture a stunning sunset as I rode a taxi home from the airport.

The boys have taken to the near-spring weather with alacrity – and a lot of tree climbing.

2013-08-28 09.10.03Turner Primary has been having a Artists and Writers Festival – decorated trees were one of the outcomes of their Create-athon.

2013-08-29 17.20.51In other creations, I got delivered my new graphics on the vocational education system this week. These will be used for my Korean presentation – and then probably for every other presentation we do. it was very exciting in a nerdy, work-related, kind of way.

2013-08-29 22.32.49In the spirit of spring, I painted my nails green.

2013-08-30 08.53.47 2013-08-30 14.25.06And suddenly there are blossoms and flowers everywhere. I like this time of year in Canberra – there are so many blossom trees and bulbs and flowers it lights up after winter.

2013-08-30 17.18.23On Friday at work I got sucked into being an apprentice plumber at our Skills Connect division Happy Hour. I got to use the drill and everything.

More outside time – the boys and I stopped at the park on the way home from the shops, and it was pleasant to sit around in the sunshine for a bit.

2013-08-31 17.10.11 2013-08-31 17.14.46On Saturday night Sebastian and Jude went to stay at their friends Martin and Danny’s house, so Zac came out for a special dinner alone with his parents. Drinks at HonkyTonks followed by (of course) Elk and Pea at Zac’s insistence.

2013-09-02 08.30.35Father’s Day and Zachary’s card features roller derby, reflecting James’ new participation. And Sunday also featured an open scrim – but I was too busy skating, so didn’t take any photos! But here is my favourite one of me taken by David Mackie – sweeping the opposition out of the way to give Jillie a clear path through. Made me feel like I could almost do this derby thing!



One Response to The week that was…week 36: spring creeps closer

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I’d like to play plumber for a day as long as it didn’t involve a septic tank or sewer…
    Great shot of the roller derby.

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