The week that was…week 35: seasons change

Started the week with the boys coming and meeting me for post school afternoon tea. I had to go back to work, but nice to see them to break up the day. And Zachary with his chocolate face.

2013-08-21 21.58.39We have gotten back into pretty regular D&D which is pleasing. And young Andrew has been bringing wine which is even more pleasing still.

2013-08-22 08.13.44As is our usual thing, Zac and I walked to school together early on Thursday so he could go to choir. He has become quite obsessed with the fake fur scarf thing and can be seen wearing it in all sorts of odd ways. This is one of the more conventional.

2013-08-22 20.51.10Thursday night was derby trivia night – a chance for everyone to get together and have fun. As president, I got the job as quizmaster. Fortunately, other people wrote all the questions.

2013-08-23 10.35.25 2013-08-23 10.35.34Friday morning was a Daffodil Day morning tea at work. The pink cupcakes were delicious.

2013-08-23 18.38.48James made Heston style roast potatoes again. Magnificence.

Saturday morning and Sebastian and I headed to hockey via Lonsdale Street Roasters 23. The lovely sunshine made it very nice to sit outside.

2013-08-24 10.59.05Here is the hockey team. It was their second to last game of the regular season. after a number of glorious victories they were up against the top team and lost, but we are hoping for a more successful rematch in the grand final if all goes their way.

2013-08-24 11.55.25Time then for the last football match of the season.

2013-08-24 12.12.16Zac was along to watch.

2013-08-24 13.45.10I got a bit experimental during Jude’s last match of the season.

2013-08-24 14.27.53

Saturday night was derby night – woo hoo!

2013-08-24 18.01.36Sebastian was the lone Black and Bluebelles supporter for the evening as the rest of us were cheering for the Red Bellied Blackhearts, particularly because my friends Bubble and Kat were making their debut appearances.

2013-08-24 18.13.21 2013-08-24 20.12.29Sadly, Sebastian was the one with the last laugh as the Bluebelles won convincingly – but both Bubble and Kat played excellently, with Bubble outscoring ShortStop twice!

2013-08-25 11.12.48All three boys could not resist the lure of merchandise and now are the proud owners of Surly Griffins caps, paid for out of their own pocket money.

Sunday was the Tournament of the Minds competition for Sebastian (which I will blog about separately). It was lovely to have Jackie and the two Andrews come and join us to watch Sebastian’s presentation, and afterwards we all headed off to a lunch of many dumplings.

2013-08-25 12.55.14 2013-08-25 12.56.11

The week that was…week 34: beverages, weather and domesticity

2013-08-12 13.11.03I have been making a concerted effort to find time for lunch with James or afternoon tea with the boys each week to make up for the amount of time spent in travel/derby/work. So this week started with lunch with James followed by hipster coffees.

2013-08-13 13.12.21My attempts to use tea as a replacement for fizzy caffeinated beverages have been progressing apace. New teas help too. I do not wish to give up the FCBs entirely, but not to rely on them as a daily (and sometimes twice daily) occurence.

2013-08-14 09.34.21What is better than a visit from a friend/fellow derbier/former staff member with a rainbow cupcake. And the rainbow goes all the way through! I love these kinds of visits. Thanks Sass!

2013-08-14 22.15.48 2013-08-14 22.27.10I got distracted at D&D and attempted to create a Brady Bunch family with beholders and other monsters. Yes, I admit it, I am a giant nerd.

2013-08-15 15.02.49With the quiet of caretaker (the period of the election where the public service is limited in what it can do), I finished early on Thursday to pick Jude and Zac up from school. Sebastian had a Tournament of the Minds meeting. Zac showed off some of his work.

2013-08-15 16.04.43 2013-08-15 16.04.47The three of us then went out for afternoon tea which apparently had to include gelato. Well, you know, it isn’t all bad.

2013-08-16 07.09.18 2013-08-16 07.10.04Firday morning I got up early for a ride around the lake. My first in ages, I chose a particularly cold and foggy morning for it.

2013-08-17 12.09.14Saturday was sunnier, but still freezing for the usual hockey and football regime. Both Jude and Sebastian managed to get awards for their playing in one week.

2013-08-17 15.04.14The jonquils are trying to say that spring is coming, but seriously the freezing winds say otherwise.

2013-08-18 10.55.04Before hours and hours of derby Sunday afternoon-evening, it was time for some domesticity. Our dishwasher has still not been replaced and we are all getting pretty sick of handwashing dishes.

Sebastian and James set about sorting the pantry. Well, James did, and somehow Sebastian (and me, to a lesser extent) got sucked into the task. Life is a lot more organised now though.

2013-08-18 11.06.32Zac fell off his bike onto a wall and scraped his neck (yes, we wondered too). After the initial tears, the pain seemed to ebb away quickly enough.


The week that was…week 33: Brisbane, feet and food

2013-08-05 18.17.04Another week, another view of sunset from the air. This time I was off to Brisbane for a couple of days training.

I was a little disturbed by the teddy that was on the bed in my hotel room. I think he was a bit shifty-looking.

2013-08-05 19.55.08So glorious BrizVegas. It was nice to be out of the cold for a bit.

2013-08-06 16.43.02Our second day in Brisbane was interesting with behind-the-scenes visits to all the Customs activities in Brisbane. I got to wear high-vis, meet customs dogs and visit various interesting sites at the airport, international mail exchange, port and Customs House.

I also took the arty shot of the Ports.

2013-08-07 13.07.26Came home to discover that Sebastian and Jude have been working on their ensemble version of Ode to Joy.

2013-08-07 19.40.32I also finally bought myself the new skates I have wanted for some time. The fact that the whole family (including James using my old skates) was going skating on Thursday night was a useful prompt.

2013-08-08 12.58.49Saturday morning proceeded as usual.  Cornucopia…

2013-08-10 09.06.51then off to hockey.

Sebastian decided to branch out into savoury dishes, cooking lamb korma for dinner.

2013-08-10 18.32.10 2013-08-10 19.02.39Sunday we managed to fit in a quick Science Week activity, heading off to the CSIRO for Experimentathon where we saw the crowd pleasing liquid nitrogen and hydrogen explosions and other fun things.

The week finished with James trying out a Heston recipe and making some delicious roast potatoes. Yum.

2013-08-11 18.35.46


Live Free or Skate Hard: Dishonour Rollers vs the Murderous Crows

2013-08-03 18.41.06Our second bout in quick succession – this time versus Wagga. It was another fun game and as usual you will find much better photos around including great ones by Roaring Storm, Steven Craddock and David Mackie. Also look for the game round up coming out in Hit and Miss! Here are some of a Line Up Manager’s eye view of the game.

We had a couple of people who offered to do make up and face painting pre bout (including our very own talented Fangin’ It). I am pretty sure I’d smear face paint in no time, but both Terror and Clobber’s handled the whole bout pretty spectacularly.

The game was good – we played well as a team and focussed on clever play. Our team work and discipline has increased so much this year it is really impressive to see. And we won! the final score was 267 to 106.

And thus to the after party, the highlight of which was karaoke. Spanky, who ended up as our highest scoring jammer, also managed to be one of our highest performing karaoke singers as well, but she was, as always, well supported by her team and league-mates.

The week that was…week 32: Sydney, wine and fantasy


Started the week with a night in Sydney. For fun, James came along and we had dinner and cocktails and a nice walk and pleasant grown up time.

2013-07-30 17.22.27The next day I saw another sunset from another plane – this time with puffy clouds.

D&D was made more entertaining as we got to check out the HUGE box of figures Andrew had recently received. Go Cthulu!

2013-08-01 17.12.26My zen garden at work. An old favourite for rearrangement when one just needs some contemplation time.

2013-08-01 19.14.42 2013-08-01 19.59.33Thursday night was the Hugh Hamilton Black Sheep Club dinner. it was at the Canberra Golf Club which did mean that the men had to wear ties (to James and Andrew R’s chagrin) and the lighting was bright – but the food was good and the wine delicious and generously supplied. More wine orders ensued.

2013-08-02 15.42.32I came home from work early on Friday and James made scones for afternoon tea.

2013-08-03 09.05.37Saturday, Sebastian and I went for our usual pre hockey coffee stop at Cornucopia this time.

2013-08-03 09.32.37The wattle was out….

2013-08-03 11.54.37but it was still so cold that Jude huddled under me when we were watching Sebastian’s football.

2013-08-03 14.10.42New unicorn dice! A present from Andrew. Perfect for my holy sword.

2013-08-03 16.17.30And the rest of my weekend was derby or post derby recovery, which I will blog about separately!

The week that was…week 31: back to it

2013-07-22 09.11.43Started the week in Hobart, but didn’t see much more than this from the front of the hotel…

2013-07-22 08.42.41…and this view from my hotel window.

By sunset I was in Melbourne, after meetings in both cities, waiting to head back to Canberra.

2013-07-22 17.29.02Back home to the family and blueberry crumble and games!

2013-07-22 20.22.18It was back to school this week. While sometimes that means driving…

2013-07-23 15.14.11…there was a lot of walking to school that week.

Nice brotherly hugs.

2013-07-24 19.56.15

It was still cold this  week – some frosty mornings greeted us.

2013-07-25 08.09.47 2013-07-25 08.09.57But cold nights can be warmed – and I went to try some warmers at a Plonk congnac, armangnac and calvados tasting at Plonk. Delicious.2013-07-25 18.35.19 2013-07-25 19.21.26I decided to try and drink more tea rather than my much beloev fizzy caffeinated beverages. This seemed an excellent excuse for the purchase of new tea accessories.

2013-07-26 17.42.18

Friday night was dinner at the Elk and Pea for Michelle and Steve’s big announcement – TWINS!

2013-07-26 18.16.38 2013-07-26 18.29.03Don’t the small people look angelic when asleep?

2013-07-27 08.29.59Saturday was back to sport. Sebastian and I engaged in our pre hockey pastry ritual.

2013-07-27 09.23.49 2013-07-27 09.23.53It was then time to head to the pro-refugee rally. Yes, refugees are welcome here, and we should not be sending them to Manus Island.

2013-07-27 12.15.46 2013-07-27 13.00.13

The cockatoos were back in strong numbers.2013-07-27 17.00.51

Saturday evening, was fondue at Dave and Caroline’s. Delicious.

2013-07-27 20.05.52The boys got back to some lego on Sunday.

And I was back at derby, with my new socks from Rachel.

2013-07-28 13.09.52