The week that was…week 30: school holidays and other fun


2013-07-16 19.51.20School holidays still this week and James away in Sydney for several days. I took a couple of days off to hang out with the boys but was a bit limited by what we could do due to my leg injury. But we had fun. I did take them to Koko Black and then Monsters University one day.

The boys also helped with the housework. Well, a bit – folding the washing and putting it away.

2013-07-18 18.04.03

And Sebastian made individual blueberry crumbles for us all.

2013-07-18 19.52.34

There was a bit of playing computer games – I think George decided this was as close as he could get without an iDevice of his own.

2013-07-17 09.47.23There were also teddy forts built and teddy battles held.

2013-07-18 08.38.162013-07-20 12.18.07James was back by Friday and we took the boys skating. I couldn’t skate due to my leg – but James decided to give it a go, and was not bad at all for a first timer (no photos of him skating were allowed).

2013-07-19 15.51.52 2013-07-19 15.53.21And some more computer time.

2013-07-21 12.03.04A random shot of a new piece of public art in Canberra.

2013-07-18 13.56.39And then the week ended with some work travel – off to Hobart for the night.

2013-07-21 16.15.22 2013-07-21 17.23.19


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