The week that was…week 27: new things and old things and the same things

2013-06-25 16.48.55Another week, another day trip. This time it was off to Sydney.

2013-06-26 18.09.28Another set of the colour hues of the ACTEWAGL building on my way home from work.

2013-06-26 20.23.37With the events of the week, scotch was the only answer.

2013-06-27 09.10.23And then chocolate to get through the day at work, including starting to get ready for our fifth Minister for the year. Sigh.

2013-06-26 22.20.09George takes it all in his stride.

2013-06-28 18.25.35 2013-06-28 18.38.36In happier news, the boys got their school reports and all were good, so they chose Elk and Pea for a celebratory family dinner.

2013-06-29 09.10.34A very busy Saturday started with a pre hockey cupcake and hot chocolate with Sebastian.

2013-06-29 10.29.48 2013-06-29 12.20.18

Of course, it rained.

We also went to Jude’s viola concert where he played very well.


S80s Roller Disco time! The boys and I go our skates on for Varsity’s 80s themed roller disco. Was a lot of fun.

2013-06-30 12.39.32And Sunday was new shoes day.

2013-06-30 12.39.37 2013-06-30 13.15.26


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