The week that was…week 30: school holidays and other fun


2013-07-16 19.51.20School holidays still this week and James away in Sydney for several days. I took a couple of days off to hang out with the boys but was a bit limited by what we could do due to my leg injury. But we had fun. I did take them to Koko Black and then Monsters University one day.

The boys also helped with the housework. Well, a bit – folding the washing and putting it away.

2013-07-18 18.04.03

And Sebastian made individual blueberry crumbles for us all.

2013-07-18 19.52.34

There was a bit of playing computer games – I think George decided this was as close as he could get without an iDevice of his own.

2013-07-17 09.47.23There were also teddy forts built and teddy battles held.

2013-07-18 08.38.162013-07-20 12.18.07James was back by Friday and we took the boys skating. I couldn’t skate due to my leg – but James decided to give it a go, and was not bad at all for a first timer (no photos of him skating were allowed).

2013-07-19 15.51.52 2013-07-19 15.53.21And some more computer time.

2013-07-21 12.03.04A random shot of a new piece of public art in Canberra.

2013-07-18 13.56.39And then the week ended with some work travel – off to Hobart for the night.

2013-07-21 16.15.22 2013-07-21 17.23.19

Skate Hard with a Vengeance: Dishonour Rollers vs the Misfit Mafia

2013-07-13 17.25.39The fans (well, my proportion of them) got there early dressed in red and got ready for the excitement of the first  DHR home bout for the year. The Misfit Militia, our opposition, were a combination of the Coastal Knockouts, Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby and the South West Sydney Rockets while a couple of players from the Port Macquarie Roller Derby League helped fill out the DHR bench, slightly depleted by injury post Skate -turion.

It was a fun game and I was proud of the DHRs who showed that smart play and implementing the plays practised at training can pay off. For some awesome action shots you can go to D-Eye photos, Steven Craddock or David Mackie, so I just have a few snaps from my perspective. of course, can’t take any during the game as I am too busy managing the line up! There is also a cute little video of the match which you can find here.

Best DHR blocker was Terror Smackdal, best jammer Roxalot (one of our Port Macquarie visitors) most valuable player Red Hot Jillie Pepper (pictured below with her name-appropriate penalties).

Final score was DHRs 241 to Misfit Militia 105. Looking forward to doing it again against the Wagga Derby Dolls’ Murderous Crows on 3 August.

The week that was…week 29:

2013-07-08 13.13.59Started my week with a branch Planning Day at the Portrait Gallery. A lovely venue with natural light! And nice for a lunchtime walk also.

2013-07-08 13.25.19 2013-07-08 13.30.31Mum and Da were in town, so James and I got to work and the boys still got to enjoy their holidays. There was some arm wrestling with Poppa.

2013-07-08 19.39.21 2013-07-08 19.39.27

And some cooking with Nana.

2013-07-12 17.55.18

The boys had a lovely time having their grandparents visiting.

2013-07-10 18.32.24I received a very late birthday present from Andrew R, but when it is something of this calibre, one doesn’t mind the wait.

2013-07-11 14.17.10 2013-07-11 17.02.19Went up to Sydney on Thursday for the visit from the Indian Minister responsible for skills – the Langham is quite a nice spot for a meeting.

And the Quay is an even better spot for a dinner, with views like this.

2013-07-11 18.45.35One of the hazards of travelling in winter to and from Canberra struck on Friday morning – trapped in Sydney airport due to fog.

2013-07-12 07.22.19At least there were jaffas.

2013-07-12 09.28.07I also discovered Iain Banks’ final book in the bookstore. Didn’t buy it. Have mixed feelings about rushing to read it as I will then have nothing new of his to read. It makes me very sad.

2013-07-12 08.33.20-1Saturday was Bout Day! Hooray. Will post on that separately though.

2013-07-13 15.59.24And Sunday was about relaxing.

2013-07-14 10.34.38We played some of our new version of Ticket To Ride.

2013-07-14 15.10.58And because it was Bastille Day, finished the week with a French feast – I made coq au vin and Sebastian made souffles.

Climbing to seven!

2013-07-07 12.09.15As with last year, Zachary opted for another climbing birthday. With lots of friends and a fearless attitude it was endless wall-scaling. This year Sebastian made the birthday cake for his little brother – jelly baby soldiers scaling the wall of a cake castle. Fuelled by pizza, it was fun for all.

The week that was…week 28: winter happenings

2013-07-02 22.13.10Fog has been a frequent visitor this winter – here is a night time foggy shot on our street.

2013-07-02 14.01.22In wintery sights, from our offices you can catch a glimpse of the ice skating rink in Civic. Many are the times I would like to be out there skating rather than inside working!

2013-07-03 14.40.13My new glasses arrived this week.

As did my winter supplies of new stockings – and the less wintry hot pants.

2013-07-03 22.38.52Had the dilemma this week of deciding which book to read next again.

2013-07-04 08.34.57 2013-07-04 08.35.16Zac and I walked to school together again early so he could get to choir. He has on his special Norwegian hat to keep his head warm and even went so far as to wear long trousers.

2013-07-04 14.26.03 2013-07-04 16.19.33My directors and I went to the new Questacon Technology Centre at Deakin to use one of their meeting rooms to do pre Planning Day planning. Afternoon tea cupcake treats.

Jude played at half time at the GWS game at Manuka. It was so cold though that we left before the game was over.

2013-07-06 16.08.05Winter washing.

2013-07-06 19.39.31-1Saturday was Zac’s birthday – Mum and Dad arrived for a visit and it was off out to dinner to celebrate. Rachel’s many pictures of cute animals and funny cats keep the boys very entertained.

2013-07-07 09.52.57For Zac’s party on Sunday, Zac decorated the party bags while Sebastian made the cake! Sometimes it is good to be redundant.

2013-07-07 10.28.08

The week that was…week 27: new things and old things and the same things

2013-06-25 16.48.55Another week, another day trip. This time it was off to Sydney.

2013-06-26 18.09.28Another set of the colour hues of the ACTEWAGL building on my way home from work.

2013-06-26 20.23.37With the events of the week, scotch was the only answer.

2013-06-27 09.10.23And then chocolate to get through the day at work, including starting to get ready for our fifth Minister for the year. Sigh.

2013-06-26 22.20.09George takes it all in his stride.

2013-06-28 18.25.35 2013-06-28 18.38.36In happier news, the boys got their school reports and all were good, so they chose Elk and Pea for a celebratory family dinner.

2013-06-29 09.10.34A very busy Saturday started with a pre hockey cupcake and hot chocolate with Sebastian.

2013-06-29 10.29.48 2013-06-29 12.20.18

Of course, it rained.

We also went to Jude’s viola concert where he played very well.


S80s Roller Disco time! The boys and I go our skates on for Varsity’s 80s themed roller disco. Was a lot of fun.

2013-06-30 12.39.32And Sunday was new shoes day.

2013-06-30 12.39.37 2013-06-30 13.15.26

The week that was….week 25: a bit of normality

2013-06-17 15.18.56Nice to be back in the country and to have the chance to escape from work briefly for afternoon tea with the boys at LSR.

2013-06-17 15.19.03 2013-06-17 15.36.04Sebastian is continuing with the cooking.

2013-06-19 19.50.12-1 2013-06-19 20.26.07George has his spot waiting for us to get home.

2013-06-19 20.11.22

Travel isn’t far away – this time a day trip to Brisbane.

2013-06-20 11.20.04I had to pick out new glasses.

2013-06-21 13.16.16The boys became enthralled by a made up role playing game that they played together for hours on end with much enthusiastic discussion and very little dispute.

2013-06-21 18.03.40 2013-06-21 18.03.44



Winter continued to be cold.

2013-06-22 09.40.39So cold in fact that Sebastian had to play half a game of hockey before the frost melted from the field.

2013-06-22 10.11.20I had to get the tyre fixed en route to Jude’s hockey. We all found ways to amuse ourselves while we waited.

2013-06-22 12.27.35Zac continued to entertain himself similarly at the footy.

2013-06-22 13.24.422013-06-22 13.24.51 2013-06-22 14.25.39And another night at the derby.

2013-06-22 19.26.31Steve and Shell and Fritha came over Sunday night. Jude got into the swing of cooking this time.

A nice normal week.


The Buddha’s Hair

2013-06-11 09.50.22I had an hour to spare and so decided to go for a walk down the Galle Face to see the sea. As I was walking along, a man came up and struck up a conversation. He was polite and pleasant and told me he worked at the bank across the road from the hotel. And then he told me it was my lucky day – this was the one day a year that you could see the Buddha’s hair. Yes, yes, I should have known immediately. But I was slightly confused (the Buddha’s hair? what? I was picturing a statue with a blue fright wig), and he mentioned it was just down the road and I thought, oh well, why not. Suddenly a trishaw appears. By this time I have sized up my companion and figure that I could take him in hand to hand combat, and, let’s face it, trishaws don’t have walls or do and don’t go that fast, so I figure my safety is not particularly at risk. So we get in and drive to the temple, with my companion telling me all about how the temple helps out tsunami orphans and the like.¬† The temple isn’t far and it is quite impressive. There is even an elephant.

So we look around the temple and he shows me where the Buddha’s bones and hair are, apparently, on display. There was a strong expectation that I would be highly impressed by all the gem stones and gold also.

2013-06-11 09.58.40 2013-06-11 09.58.53So after all this is over, he tells me that we need to go to the temple store. I am starting to run short of time at this point and say that I am happy to make a donation – but no, apparently “the orphans” need to know my name so that can appropriately pray in thanks to me. Or something. as we leave the temple complex, my “guide” is collared by a police man and an emphatic conversation ensues. As we then get into the trishaw, he tells me that if he doesn’t take me to the temple store, he is going to be in trouble with the police. This seems potentially credible. Anyway, we head off, travel a few blcoks, but still not far from my hotel, and we come to….a gem store. I say to my companion – you really expect me to believe this is the temple store? He sort of failed to hear my question.

Anyway, I bought my one piece of coral and went back to the hotel. Of course, this guy, I later discover from our AusAID friends, is a regular at this along the street. And there are relics which are considered to be Buddha’s bones, but they are held at a temple elsewhere on the island. But hey, it was an adventure, and an entertaining enough way to spend an hour.

The week that was…week 24: Sri Lanka and back to derby

2013-06-10 08.44.44So when I woke up on Monday morning, this was the view from my hotel window. Hello Colombo!

As with all work trips, most of the time was spent working, but most of the photos were taken elsewhere. Here are some meeting photos just to prove I was working.


We spent the week in meetings with the Asia Development Bank, the Sri Lankan government and then some other aid agencies discussing the reform of the Sri Lankan vocational education sector. Very interesting and I hope the project comes off.

We did get to have a few meetings at nice lunch locations though. Colombo does have some very funky little places.

We also had an hour or so for some shopping which we did in a cool place called Barefoot.

We got taken out for some lovely dinners by Sri Lankan government folk.

And had a little bit of time to relax at the hotel and marvel at the giant sized wedding cake and enormous koi.

And on my last afternoon, I had some time to wander down the Galle Face and check out the beach.

Then it was time to fly home – catching the flight out of Colombo at 1.30am. Slept the entire way to Singapore.

Returned home on World Gin Day.

2013-06-15 17.10.07And then, after a good night’s sleep, even managed derby trainign the next day.

2013-06-16 17.23.10


various 188Skate-turion was a weekend competition hosted by CRDL in which Varsity were invited to field a team. We played our DHRs in the C Division and on Saturday had three hard games against three great teams. I was line up managing which was lots of fun – and nowhere near as exhausting as playing three games in a day. The team did really well, beating the Adelaide Roller Derby League game in the first bout, and being really close for most of the game in our other two bouts against The Capital Brawlers and the Allsorts. Our score line against the brawlers didn’t look as good as the game would have indicated due to a power jam in the final jam by our ex-VDLer Boudicca (and I swear Stabby hadn’t cut – I was watching!!). Anyway it was excellent learning for the team and mostly fun, though we did cop a few injuries along the way. Great to have a whole day of derby – I was sad to miss the second day heading off to Sri Lanka.

The photos are impressionistic – I took some on my phone, and James and the boys came to watch the Allsorts bout and brought his camera to take a few shots – experimenting with derby photography for the first time.

2013-06-08 18.38.55