Family outing

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We all had Friday off. Well, I had one meeting I had to go to, but cannily organised for it to finish by 11am, so I could be picked up and we could head for the hills. First stop, the Cotter.

april 010The boys had fun in the playground, and then we walked up to check out the dam construction.

Such a beautiful day for it as well – lots of sunshine and blue skies.

april 016

From there to Tidbinbilla for a picnic lunch.

april 021 april 020…and some playing in the playground, naturally.

april 022We then went for a walk around the Sanctuary.

It was all very lovely (we’d even seen platypi) until Sebastian got stung by a wasp, and we headed back to the try and find some first aid. The Sanctuary Visitors’ Centre was not staffed, but we had an ice pack in the car, so that had to suffice. And he wasn’t exactly dying.

It was then back to the playground area for afternoon tea.

april 042 april 045We were joined by a couple of kangaroos who hopped on through.

april 053 april 055And once Zachary had estalished himself as king of all he surveyed, it was time to head home.

april 058


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