The week that was…week 11: of balloons and smashes and other fun times

2013-03-12 07.17.43

A bonus of being up early is the beautiful sky. And this was the beginning of an eventful week.

various 84 various 85Jude and Sebastian had another “chilli off” during the week – Jude discovered that 12 drops of tabasco was just a bit too much and liable to turn him red in the face.

He also really needs a hair cut.

various 86

2013-03-12 10.40.28

We moved into our new offices – here is my giant new office with added cupcake. Actually we quite like our new dwelling, and I have a floor and a half of staff which is sort of cool.

2013-03-14 06.59.02 2013-03-14 07.02.46I was back to early morning bike rides. On Thursday there was a spectacular array of balloons, with the balloon festival still on.

2013-03-14 07.02.51 2013-03-14 07.04.16 2013-03-14 07.12.54

It was lovely riding down by the lake watching the balloons drift through the early morning sky.

I managed to get through a lot of work at home Thursday night, trying to catch up before my overseas trip.

2013-03-14 21.21.31

And naturally I was keen to ride again the next morning.

2013-03-15 17.28.56 2013-03-16 10.31.13-1

As you can see from the photos above, that ride didn’t turn out as pleasantly as the morning before. As I was riding down through ANU, a woman on her bike came fast around what she admitted later was a blind corner and smashed right into me. My face took the brunt of her hemleted head. In the end, neither of us was seriously injured (although she was having her neck checked by the ambulance when I left), but her extremely expensive carbon fibre Canondale was sheared in half. And I had a lot of pain and spectacular bruising. Which got more dramatic over the weekend.

2013-03-16 23.34.35

I took it pretty easy on Friday, and was still feeling a little delicate on the weekend, but good enough to go to Boudi’s birthday picnic – though I did abandon the original plan of riding there with the boys.

various 33 various 15 various 11 various 4The boys did quite a lot of exploring, but there is always time to make ridiculous faces with Bubble.

various 41

They also dug up some plants (!) which they decided they wanted to replant at home and see how they grew.

various 45

In other news, we finally got a new fence!

2013-03-16 11.30.54And the wonderful Rachel brought us pavlova.

2013-03-17 19.19.31


2 Responses to The week that was…week 11: of balloons and smashes and other fun times

  1. what a smash! that must have been a huge impact. looks incredibly painful, even if you weren’t ‘badly’ injured.

    • Melissa says:

      It was pretty painful – we were both going fairly quickly (her more than me). I think I am just fortunate she hit me in the body and we both fell straight down, rather than getting thrown and ending up with a broken arm or leg or something. But the face is still painful and it has been over three weeks now, although most of the bruising has gone.

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