Canberra 100: A Very Big Day

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On Canberra Day we headed down to the lake to celebrate Canberra’s 100th birthday. The lake is a great location for such an event, with so much space there could be thousands of people there and not feel crowded. Of course, that did mean it took a bit to get around. The boys quite enjoyed catching the free buses though.

various 32Our first stop was Kings Park – we walked down from the Carillion, bumping into some of my derby comrades on skates giving out fliers. I was impressed at the obstacle avoidance with so many people around. We then came to Habitat where the boys made words that said something about Canberra to them and stuck them up.

various 36 various 38

various 39

We then caught a bus around to the other side of the lake after a wander through the multicultural enclave and met up with Steve and Michelle and Fritha.

various 45They went off to see some giants Ants in action, while James and I went and met Dave and Caroline to use the Bubbly Bar tickets that James had won.

various 47The Bubbly Bar is a wonderful invention. Nothing like sitting by the lake drinking champagne, eating tasty morsels and watchign the lovely view. In the Taratory has suggested we need a Bubbly Bar every year, and I am inclined to agree, with a few upgrades. The most disappointing aspect was that you could not buy a second drink. With a 45 minute sitting on a hot summer day, the one glass of champagne didn’t go very far. But the food was good and the special Centenary Champagne was pretty good too. Hence why another one would have made it perfect.

The difficulty in buying drinks did persist as we attempted to get a beer to drink as we walked around to the other side of the lake. Sadly the quality beer from the Wig and Pen was running out, so we had to result to Pure Blondes.

We also considered catching the ferry, but the line was enormous and in the end we walked around faster, even with the beer hunt. I think more than one ferry operating would have been a good call.

various 51We headed back to Regatta Point and met up with Steve, Shell, Fritha and the boys and were in time to hear the Falling Joys, who were great. Zac certainly got into it. James headed off with Sebastian to buy some food for the boys – and that was the last we saw of him for nearly an hour. Again, the catering didn’t quite live up to the needs – when he got there, James got the last  hotdogs and it was only half past seven.  Carolyn also fruitlessly searched for an alcohol distribution venue, with no success and some word that there were none North of the lake. If so, this was a bit of a fail on behalf of the organisers.

various 56

various 58As the sun set The Church then played – like Falling Joys a Canberra band originally, and they also were excellent. So natsukashii to hear their songs – takes one right back to school.

It was a lovely night too.

various 62We then heard the Symphony for Canberra which I can’t say is my favourite piece of classical music – a bit too dirgey actually – while the buildings around the late lit up with their words. Words and letters were something of a theme for the day.

various 65

And then it was time for the fireworks. These were actually excellent. Slow start but built to a fantastic “aaaw” inspiring end.

various 80 various 82

It was then time for us to take the boys home. It was a good day, but would have been improved with better catering!



3 Responses to Canberra 100: A Very Big Day

  1. eatnik says:

    In the long stay part of the bubbly bar you could buy additional drinks. I agree, I think it needs to be an annual thing, such a lovely spot!

  2. Whoa, you couldn’t buy extra drinks at the short stay? That’s quite silly, isn’t it? Perhals I need to modify my call for annual Bubbly Bars – annual long stay Bubbly Bars! It looks like there were some nice activities on the north side of the lake.

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