The week that was…week 10: shoes, cricket, moving

2013-03-04 19.36.29Sometimes I am something of a neglectful parent – discovered this had happened to Zac’s shoes, and yet he had still worn them to school. Ignoring of course the perfectly intact school shoes he also owns. Sigh.

2013-03-06 20.03.19 One of the staff in my Branch is heading off to climb Mt Kilamanjaro to raise money for Amnesty. Went to a fundraiser on Wednesday night and thought that this was an appropriate sort of wine to drink for the occasion.

2013-03-07 08.59.33It is always nice to walk the boys to school. James had to drop Sebastian off at his two day cricket tournament Thursday morning, so Zac and Jude and I walked together. You can probably just spot Zac skipping off into the distance.

last week 5

Jude’s favourite place to practice the violin is the kitchen. He has now been set additional practice targets by his teacher which he has been working hard toward. And Zac is photo bombing of course.

2013-03-07 14.57.28This was moving week at work. Actual work was interspersed with Krystal making me tell her whether we needed to keep something or throw it out. We threw out a lot of stuff. And then got Friday off (well, sort of for me) while the removalists came in and moved everything.

2013-03-08 12.15.20When I wasn’t at the meetings that I still had to go to on Friday, I managed to get to go and watch Sebastian playing in the school district team competition – four games over two days. His wicket keeping was a particular highlight – he took two catches and let through no extras, which was one of the main differences between his team and their opposition ensuring their win. Perhaps his future is behind the stumps!

canberra 100 61I also went and saw the hand physio on Friday. My thumb, which I fell on six weeks or so ago at derby training, still hasn’t really healed, so some immobilisation is called for. Hopefully this will do the trick, but once in a splint, it is possible to see why the small ligament tear isn’t healing given how much I now realise it was still being used.

2013-03-09 13.40.13Most of Saturday was spent in Canberra Day activities which are discussed elsewhere – here is another cool piece of art from the Canberra Museum and Art Gallery.

various 1Inspired by all the recipe talk which preceeded the degustation night on Sunday, Sebastian decided to do some of his own cooking and made Mos Eisley Morsels (essentially banana cake) all by himself. Tasted good too.

various 3


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