The week that was…week 8: with and without boys

2013-02-21 18.05.27

Another busy week which was made more complicated by having to get to three information sessions at school – the downside of having the boys in three different year groups. But it was nice to meet their teachers and see some of their initial work for the year and get a sense of what the year has in store for them.

2013-02-19 23.13.15

I also had my first trip on a plane for a month – almost a record! A day in Melbourne and I even got time for a quick catch up with Melanie.

2013-02-19 10.01.43River Song turned up in my bag and is now still living in my office.

2013-02-20 20.19.30With Andrew R in Finland, we eschewed D&D for a bit of Ankh Morpork action. I recommend being Sam Vimes.

2013-02-22 10.19.17Friday was a miraculous day – no meetings! Krystal likes to keep me entertained.

2013-02-23 18.38.30-1

On Saturday the boys went and stayed at Jackie’s for the afternoon and night for some Ga time. I got to engage in the decandance of watching television during the day, and James and I went and saw Django Unchained before cocktails at Playground and dinner at the Elk and Pea where we saw Gary who ate all the goat enchiladas and blogged about it. Nice to spend a relaxed evening together.

2013-02-24 13.21.24On their return home Jude very helpfully came shopping with me. And did a great job unpacking the trolley.

2013-02-24 13.21.26


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